With Yusuf Buhari’s accident, perhaps we should place empathy where it is due


I have sickle cell patients who keep having crisis because they cannot afford routine folic acid tablets and malaria prevention drugs. Some of them will not survive into adulthood simply because they cannot afford measures to prevent serious complications. None of these children has endangered anyone’s life. Indeed, some of them have suffered neglect. My friend passed away sometime ago. His parents and elder brother got tired of his frequent illness. He would ask for money, most of which went to drugs. They would ignore him. His illness cost him his life.

Drag racing and motorbike racing are the preserve of the rich. I would be thrilled by motor racing on proper race courses. When I drove a v6 to Toyota Camry, I was always tempted to compete with other drivers. On the Abaji – Abuja express, it was mad fun driving at 160km/hour. What thrilled me most was that acceleration. I’d disappear in a heartbeat. But I was also mindful of other drivers. Before overtaking, I’d give sufficient warning. Most people do not use the turn signal when about to change lanes on the express. They just switch without any warning.

You see, if I ever survived an accident while doing 180km/hour and trying to overtake another car, I’d be sensible enough to take responsibility for putting my own life at risk and for endangering the lives of others. I would deserve being stripped of my driving license.
One man survived an accident which killed his girlfriend. He was racing at the time.
This Christmas, racing on a public road cost him his life.

You see, I have pictured myself getting involved in a crash.
I know how cars are built to withstand impact.
Airbags and seatbelts exist for a reason. Motorbikes don’t have these protections.
That’s why I’m amazed that Nigerians are asking me to show empathy to people who didn’t bother to show empathy for themselves.

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