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12 Nigerian artistes who need to come back from ‘exile’

12 Nigerian artistes who need to come back from ‘exile’

This list below profiles Nigerian artistes who once rocked our reins with undeniable melody. Be it with their amiable talent, lucrative lewdness or relevant razz-ness, these artistes were deemed or destined to have longevity in the consciousness of the average owambe or soji Nigerian. But, where are they now? ???

1. GT the Guitarman


This guy is (was?) damn good and was definitely destined for fame. His vocals, guitar artistry and his lyrics were simply bae. I can’t actually place a finger on what went oh so wrong that this rising star simply vaporised. Bad management? Wrong personal choices? Dependence on hype? I really can’t say. Some people say over-reliance on his guitar; but Asa still dey play guitar too na. Whatever it is sha, GT still deserves a place in Naija’s entertainosphere. Dear, if you’re reading this, buckle up and give dem Korede Bellos some run for their money!

2. Djinee

Hmmm, this one? E just waka comot like say na only him waka come….odikwa sad. Need I say anything about this copiously gifted one? I heard he basically and exclusively sings at gospel gigs right now. So? Abeg, if you help us see this ‘Ego’s Ex’, make you tell am we nor go anywhere, we need am back. That cool voice go just cum waka go like that? Lai lai! Djinee, come back.

#NP – “this this is cool, I’m overkillin’ this…..”

3. Jhybo

Was it before or after we lost the inimitable Dagrin? I can’t actually remember, but I clearly remember we all famzing this Jhybo guy the same time the kind of Dagrin-nity was the vogue, even before dem Olamide caught the bug. Forgerrit, Jhybo had flows. His duet with Cynthia Morgan went viral na, so much that his “be naa ni” signature stuck. I know he released some materials last year or so, but, I guess he didn’t hit the right chords. Considering Jhybo’s ability, I believe he needs to dig deeper to get those streetwise lyrics that will relaunch him into consciousness.

4. BlackFace

blackface (1)

Now, don’t ask me what this name is doing on this list. #haha.
It is almost an unarguable fact that BlackFace is (was?) the most-talented Plantashun Boy outta the trio. He had a unique voice, a deep-thrust voice with which he blessed his famed lyrics. I personally miss this guy and I’m sure a lot of us do. I still can’t deal with “Hard life” or “The Way You do me” or any of his parts on any Plantashun Boiz track; because, apart from his awesome reggae-ragga rendition, his songs addressed issues too. Yes, bad management, wrong personal choices, wrong association and such sorts, clearly cost us the genius of the Black one. If Tuface is still in the mix till now, I don’t why BlackFace can’t make it too. #BringBackBlackFace

5. Durella

Chai! Omo miki yaiski...King of the Zanga! Where are you oh?
The beat of “Shayo“, the energy in “Enemies“, the swag of “Wiskolo-wiska“….no no no, this guy needs to resurrect. Maybe he fell for the needless comparison with D’banj, and as a result, fell out. But, omo miki yaiski can ignite a reconnect with the street if he’s determined to do so. He’s got it, no doubt.

6. Sasha

By fortuity, I heard the song “Adara” blaring from a speaker in downtown Lagos recently, and I felt “wooow, for real? that was vintage cool”. But, on second thought, I felt – Guy, really? Sasha, vintage? Na Na Na. This lady should still find her way rocking amidst the vixens on the Naija entertainosphere, and she doesn’t need to show more flesh for it to happen. She came into the game relatively unknown, and she nailed it back then. She almost got back with “Adara” and I believe a second shot at reconnecting with her fans wouldn’t be bad.

7. Six-foot Plus

This guy made this list because he is (was?) probably the only hip-hop artist that could render poetry in an utterly Nigerian way, addressing germane issues while he’s at it. If it were to be in a quite organized framework where true art is celebrated, Six-foot Plus’ song, “E don do me”, would be an all-time favourite, having addressed Abuse in variant degrees through the song. But, somehow, this singer and his song just ran away without bidding bye. Maybe it’s high time Six-foot came back to give a hoot about us, came back to own his niche.
“….e don do me, oh, lai lai…”,,,,,.great song, great song.

8. Terry Tha Rapman

Terry ThaRapman
This guy can rap sense and nonsense to give you moresense, trust me, he get am. For all that is, Terry ThaRapman can be the mixture of Mode9 and Olamide and Wizkid oh, he just needs that one moment of mastering the moment.
Right management? May just be all he needs to fully explore his great prospects. When they were released, “Only for Naija” and “Sample Ekwe remix” were everywhere, and we could never get enough. This kinda talent should not turn to vapour oh. Terry, give it another shot biko.

9. Deebee

LOL…most of you won’t instantly reckon with the name Deebee, but if I say, “baby girl jeka collabo, wa nbi, you know I gat the dough oh oh, baby wa je’a collabo oooh“….are you dancing already? LOL…that beat ehn, na die.
This song was viral in all sense, be it by airplay, downloads, or reach, it was everywhere mehn, but, despite its relevant razz-ness and lucrative lewdness, we haven’t seen more of Deebee and his collabo rave. If for nothing, for his ability, shown through “Collabo”, to still rock clubs and many many ‘she-waists‘ till today, Deebee needs to resurrect too to let us have more of him.

10. Gino

You may not immediately place a face on this name too, but, the moment this plays, “..,everyone’s a star, if you believe in you, that’s what you are, no be God…”, you get acquainted to this song which practically became an anthem when it was released. Gino sang depth and cool hip-hop with swerve lyrics. The mind that brewed that the “No be God” fame definitely deserves a place in the present game. No doubt.

11. Konga

I dunno about you oh, beht, me I miss Konga oh….looooool.
If it is just for the energy and anago lyrics , Konga needs to come to light again. Wherever he is now, he needs to do a jam that will replace the mere piece of konga nostalgia with present freshness.
“….oya, e ti won bo’ta. ..e ti won si Konga to’ba de’mo….”

12. Jeremiah Gyang

Jeremiah Gyang
Errrm, not very sure about this, but, what is sure is that this guy here’s got some groove. That is “Na Ba Ka” jam remains a tingler, and yes, for almost everyone. But, despite staging one or two comebacks, he hasn’t hit that NaBaKa-ic level. Wherever he is now, we’d love to hear more from him.


And there you have them. If una get their number, abeg,  holla them for us. Make dem dig deeper and stage that much-needed marauding comeback…Tainx so much.

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