To Dump or Not To Dump? That is the question


Aunty, no be only you get right right to dump pessin. You’re not the queen of the universe. If you’re dating someone and he gets to a point where he feels the relationship is going nowhere or you are not serious, biko shift and go.

Pessin don taya to dey hia of boys wey do gehs bad tin, and some pipu no dey think say some babes get like 500 billion winchy pipu wey dey follow dem from village.

You contribute nothing to the relationship. Your own na Obiagheli tins. Job you no wan get, support you no go give, unless e go make you shine and you go get alert.

If dem no send you credit, you no dey ever call. If dem no send money you no dey visit. In fact, even birthday present wey you dey buy, na de bros dey give you money buy am. Hian!

You cannot even boil water. All you know is nails and how shoes and bags must match, but he is wicked to end the relationship. Are you a refinery undergoing repairs?

All that guzzling of money and you’re complaining? My sister, fear God small. They didn’t raise him to marry a liability. Some of una go even vex to wash or cook but you want to be enjoying everything the brother is bringing while you sit like a queen. And you wan marry well. Dey dia. Your miracle is on the way!!!

No, I didn’t say you must wash or cook, but what exactly are you bringing to the relationship apart from your account details? Answer carefully. You have three lifelines. Your time starts now.

Den some, their character is enough to make caustic soda jealous. The abuse and bad behaviour is epic. You think any man in his right mind wants to settle down with a woman who will disgrace him and his family, then teach his daughters the same thing? Isi’a di gi’m ma?

Oh, you no know say bros don watch Patience Ozokwo feem weh weh? My dia, you have become flyover. Please move over to the left so he can see well.

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