LOL! 11 Kids crying over the silliest things!


If you have never said “WHY ARE YOU CRYING?? You’re not wet, you’re not hungry, you’re not sleepy. What? What??” then I would seriously question your parenting skills.

Children cry for no reason at all. Fact. However, the only thing worse than when they cry for no reason is when you know WHY they’re crying and it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Check out these babies just plain losing their minds over the most random things:

1. Like the time this baby thought everyone was a cat:


2. Or the time they told this boy at his church that birthday song is bad. Or something.


3. And what about when staying alive was of little consequence to this boy:


4. Look at this child. Just look at this child. Home trouble:


5. What about when…actually, nah. This is valid:


6. His sister’s face is EPIC. She’s all “What’s doing this one?”


7. Slap who? Me? If I deck you!


8. Child, eat your pizza and don’t allow devil to use you


9. I mean…wharrisall dis?! What is the meaning of this cry now? Turn. Around!


10. Because it’s one of your 5-a-day abi??


11. See. She even went to rent wedding gown


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