#TheseAreTheIssues – 17 mad, bad and downright crazy things that happened in 2017

Nigeria will not allow someone to be great. While you are busy judging one matter; another one will spring up. And now that everyone has data (and that includes senators, apparently 😒), there is...
Dark Side of Love - Feature

Darker side of love: inked husband suspected of strangling wife

In September this year, this beautiful couple went viral after he tattooed her face on his back to mark their wedding anniversary. Now,he has been accused of strangling and pushing her down a flight of...

Christianity and the Nigerian: What does Church mean to me?

What does Church mean to me? Is it a building? A place you are meant to get all dressed up to the nines every Sunday? My Christianity is very simple. I got born again as a...
Robert Mugabe

Who knew Robert Mugabe was this wise! 40 fabulous quotes ‘by’ the Zim Lord

You don't get to be president of a nation for a gazillion years without having some sense. Even then, you internet people do not have home training o! To take Uncle Robert's good name...
Nigeria Childhood memories - cortina shoes -ali-and-simbi

#ThrowBackThursday: 20 sweet memories of growing up in Nigeria!

Abeg, let's see if we're age mates. If you don't remember these things or didn't do any of these, kneel down when you see me and address me as "Auntie Viva". We no be...

This is Nigeria: why make progress when you can make excuses?

UK's Defence Minister, Sir Michael Fallon, voluntarily resigned from office, for putting his hand on a female journalist's knee during an interview, 15 years ago. Yes o, 15 years ago! Hmmmmmmmmm I trust Nigeria my country. For it...

Police Checkpoints menace: Dear IGP, please stop this nonsense! | Sayo Aluko

If I had indeed spent a denarii or dime for each time I was stopped at Police checkpoints between Ibadan and Akure today, I'd have expended 17 dimes 😡. Yeah, you heard right, 17 Police...

How Nollywood continues to misrepresent Nigerians

Let's talk about perception and what Nollywood has done to Nigeria. Writers and the new wave of film makers have a lot of work to do in repairing the thoughts about who we are...
volonte-photographer - man in dark park

Mad Men: prodigal son Kanu and a house called Crisis

The Father and son that turned "home" into python soup. "Kanu! Kanu!! Where are you?" father calls out to his son. The younger man walks in grumbling and rolling his eyes, "Yes, Daddy?" "Why have you...
Olamide - Wo! Music video 2

Olamide music video disrupts G.O’s protest rally!

(At the protest ground) Leader (asking his deputy):But where are these youths na? No be 8am we suppose assemble and start the march by 9am? Deputy: Fada, the thing tire me o. Leader: Try make you call...

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