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Master of freecell solitaire and all I survey. Mouthy and opinionated on every topic known to man and even some known to woman. Ewa Aganyin fanatic, abhorrer of ogbono. Olamide obsessive, Phyno aficionado, low-key omo wobe.

#AsaInLondon: Does Asa deserve the crown of the thinking Nigerian’s Artiste? Absolutely!

Headed towards the Royal Albert Hall last night, I knew I was in good company for a night with Asa. Genteel ladies and gentlemen handed over tickets for inspection before heading over to their...

AngĂ©lique Kidjo wins Grammy, Wizkid stans can’t deal

Beninese icon Angélique Kidjo won Best Global Music Album for her album Mother Nature against heavyweights such as Made In Lagos (Deluxe) by Wizkid, Legacy + by Femi & Made Kuti, and Voice Of Bunbon, Vol. 1 by...

A Women-Led Organization Creates A Space to Bridge Connections During Isolation for Many in...

Pivoting during a pandemic, what helped businesses survive? Hailing from the technology capital of the world, a black-owned and women-led organization, spearheads a new trend in Silicon Valley that has proven to be socially accepted...
Future of Workforce and Investment - cover image

Future of Workforce and Investment, as told by SV-NED Inc.

We recognize that it is our time, and we are limitless with our reach. We have used our obstacles as means to draw closer. We have all had to pivot the way we do...
Highlights of ADIS20 by African Diaspora Network

#ADIS20: Investors, Entrepreneurs Discuss African Investment in The Heart of Silicon Valley

“It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.” Deng Xiaoping’s legendary quote proved to be at the heart of the African Diaspora Investment Symposium last month:...
Almaz Negash - Feature

Almaz Negash: The Silicon Valley Woman Behind the Soaring African Diaspora Network

Accra, Ghana, January 22, 2020//-More than 8,500 miles lie between Silicon Valley and Eritrea, but day after day Almaz Negash – founder of African Diaspora Network–finds ways to reconcile her Eritrean background with her...
PAVEU - african_virtual_university

AU Commissioner Prof. Sarah Agbor Launches PAVEU: Pan African Virtual and e-University in Cameroon

On Friday, 20th December, the African Union Commission launched PAVEU, the Pan African Virtual and e-University, making education more accessible on the continent than ever before. The event took place in Cameroon, with Professor...
CNN Innovate Africa with Juliet Ehimuan

Google Director Juliet Ehimuan Discusses Tech Growth in Nigeria with CNN Innovate Africa

In a conversation with CNN’s Innovate Africa recently, Juliet Ehimuan, Google Director, West Africa, spoke about the tremendous progress technology has made in Africa, and the role Google has played in that transformation. In just...
Stormzy Corbyn

The Stormzy Corbyn Affair: A Quick Lesson In Political Endorsements

The Stormzy Corbyn Affair. Because, sometimes, you have to use your force for good. When I read that voter registration spiked by 236% on the day Stormzy tweeted in support of the UK Labour...
Stormzy Burna_Boy Ed_Sheeran - Own It

Year of the Burna: Grammy Nominee Burna Triumphs Again with Stormzy and Ed Sheeran...

Burna Boy has done nothing but win this year and we couldn't be prouder. The Fela aficionado has gone from hit to hit, from sell-out concert to sell-out concert, and the winning seems to...