Nigeria see ya life: America and Iran demand probe into Shi’ites, Army clash in Zaria

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When you do not take care of business in a timely manner; when murder, chaos, anarchy and death become the daily news and there is nothing done to stop it; what happens is that countries which themselves are not blameless, countries which have more than enough to be dealing with right now,  will feel that they can tell you how to govern your own nation.

Today, President Barack Obama, through the American embassy in Abuja asked President Muhammadu Buhari to probe the clash between the Nigerian Army and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Zaria on Saturday.

Serious porttrait of Obama
President Obama has expressed disappointment and demands a thorough investigation.

This is the clash we reported earlier during the week stating that the Nigerian Army reported a barricade by the Shi’ite group known as the Islamic Movement of Nigeria on the route that the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai. The military deemed this action as dangerous and provocative and responded by going to the meeting place of the religious group and killing more than 20 of them, including family and sons of the leader Sheikh Ibrahim El-zakzaky

The statement from the US Embassy reads:

The United States is deeply concerned by reports of violent clashes between members of the Nigerian Army and the Shiite group Islamic Movement of Nigeria in Zaria, Kaduna State over the past several days.

While many details of the incidents that reportedly began on December 12 remain unclear, we are dismayed to learn of multiple civilian deaths. It is essential that all sides refrain from actions that further destabilize the situation.

The United States calls on the Government of Nigeria to quickly, credibly, and transparently investigate these events in Zaria and hold to account any individuals found to have committed crimes.

This news has garnered international awareness and outrage, with Iran condemning the action and demanding “prompt and serious” action from the Nigerian government on the matter.

Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has also condemned the killings

We’re already struggling with Boko Haram. The North has been decimated and laid to waste. The Nigerian Army – with their entire budget gone toward Santa ‘Suki and his goons – decide to take on the Shi’ite Muslims without due consideration – a group of people that are heavily backed by some of the most ferocious countries in the world and are hardly known for their “Jump and pass” nature.

If you live up North and you CAN move, please do so. This will not end well, and the only people who will be left standing are the arms dealers and the king makers.

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