2 ways people drown their dreams on social media


The quick adoption and widespread use of social media is not exactly surprising. People love to be heard, seen and acknowledged, and social media presents a perfect platform to do just that.

But while oohing and aahing over pictures of cats and hilarious memes, many people are seemingly not aware that such a glorious platform can be a ‘Red Sea’ where many dreams are drowned.

In this article, I’ll show you a few ways people drown their dreams and aspirations on social media.

Announcing Your Progress Too Quickly – it is natural for people to always want to talk about their feelings and plans for the future. Most people are open books, and, at the slightest opportunity, they’ll reveal their plans and intentions, expecting every other person to be as excited as they are. But what happens when there are people who are not necessarily pleased for you? Who might want to scupper your plans? This is not the normal Nigerian superstition (you know the one that you don’t tell people you’re travelling till you’ve reached where you’re going). This is about people who legitimately go around trying to halt your success or need ammunition with which to bad mouth you. Speaking too soon empowers your enemies and gives them time to prepare a defence. It takes effort and maturity to control your tongue and monitor what you reveal but it’s an important skill to have. If you must announce your progress on social media, do so only when it cannot be opposed. Win the victory before you announce the war.

Comparing and Competing with Others – there is a feeling of inferiority that secretly afflicts some people when they applaud the brilliance of their friends. Sometimes, it really is hard to say “Congratulations” on a new birth when you yourself are trying to conceive, or to wish someone well at a new job or promotion when you’re struggling to find work. To avoid this feeling, some people would rather respond by showcasing their own brilliance usually in areas that do not help their dreams and purpose. Competition begins, animosity grows, and dreams (and friendships) are soon drowned in the Red Sea of social media.

The ability to maintain a laser-like focus on your dreams and goals, and maximise the returns social media can afford, is invaluable. In the world of social media, there will always be distractions. But if you master the art of focus, you’ll be able to keep your dreams afloat.

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