Wizkid’s 3rd Baby Mama, Jada Pollock Dumps Him Over Domestic Violence Allegations


Not much of a birthday present, is it? Just a day after his birthday, this isn’t the kind of surprise Wizkid would have expected. The singer’s third baby mama, Jada P, has called him out, accusing him of domestic violence and random gbas gbos in their relationship.

While Jada has always defended Wizkid on the several allegations from his other baby mamas for many years, she recently declared that she was tired of caping for him.

In a post she shared on her Instagram story, Jada says Wizkid beats her a lot, and sometimes leaves her with bruises.

“From today I and Ayo no longer work together. I’ve been in an abusive relationship with him for years, covering up for him time and time again. I am tired.

“Wiz continuously puts his hands on me, leaves me with bruises that I cover up from he (sic) world including my friends and family. It often feels like we are at war in the same house.

“I have done all I can to keep this all together but from today I let go. You can support someone as much as you can but at some point you have to value yourself.

“I can’t raise my son in this kind of unhealthy environment,” she wrote on da ’Gram.

Though Wizkid is yet to respond, Nigerians have been doing the talking on social media, with many making fun of Wizkid’s height, wondering how he could have beaten her.

Some of the reactions:

flo_316: Not to be insensitive to your pain but if Wizkid slap you you no go knock am for head

mene_omimi: So na small wizkid Dey beat you? Wizkid wen you go just twist e hand throway am enter dustbin

olumide_babs: Wizzy’s body frame and face looks too innocent to fathom he could ever hit a lady, let alone his woman that bore his favourite son. But as with all humans, no one is perfect. He could help himself by seeking help/therapy fast before it becomes an habit that can’t be dropped.

eagle_eyes2919: As wizkid short reach.., so u nor fit slap am?

enkay_ruby: None of my business…you always made us believe he was the best…so what’s going on?

yelly1zz: Who is this man #olosho called Wizkid? Shatta Wale of Ghana better pass him & Davido. Nigerian artistes are over hyped nonentities.

princessdammy__: Sorry about that 3rd baby mama, so when actually did #wizkidayo build up muscles & nerves to beat woman? I’m not understanding

seenthyarh: Someone that is so tiny that u will just carry and fling somewhere

aminatatolagbe: How are we sure this is true? What if she’s doing all this cause she knows he’s seeing someone else? Wizkid can’t be that stupid to beat a woman being the kind of popular person he is

Of course, a lot of these reactions are bants as it is now becoming clear that Nigerian women are getting increasingly tired of covering up for abuse, and Nigerian men are now starting to understand that a paradigm shift is on its way.

I should perhaps add two things here: number one, in case anyone does not yet understand it, force is not always physical. If anyone has a hold over you and abuses you based on that hold, then it is abuse. If your boss slaps you and you cannot afford to be out of a job, and you take the slap without fighting back even though you know you could probably beat him/her to a pulp, then that is control and it is abuse. Being smaller, bigger, fatter or thinner has nothing to do with it.
Second thing? Hustle o! Hustle! So that you only have to stay with a partner on YOUR terms and not because you cannot leave due to financial constraints.

Your life matters. YOU matter.

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