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Thursday, May 19, 2022
Elisha Abbo - Remi Tinubu - Sex Toy Shop Scandal

Senators Remi Tinubu and Elisha Abbo (Woman Beater) Go Head to Head

The spectacle of watching two uncouth elements in Senator Elisha Abbo and Senator Remi Tinubu and their Jànkàrà market arguments at the Senate yesterday, was ugly and gut wrenching. Whilst the slapping idiot of a...
©Nigerian Tribune | Buhari comes to Lagos Caption

Mazi Abe and his Adventures at the new Buhari Bus Stop, Lagos

Timeline: 07:25 am, I was stuck somewhere in Ikeja because Mr President is in town to perform the most important task of his presidency since 2015: to commission an opening of the largest Kèkè...

Mazi Abe in Lagos: see traffic warden chasing our mazi on the main road...

This morning at Bode Thomas Junction, the yèyé traffic warden was using one hand to control traffic whilst using the other hand to hold his phone to his ear, chatting away with his bony-assed...

Poor men! From Debt December to Just-Long January and now Valentine Fever February!

It is February 1st! Another 14 days of agony for we Men! After surviving "Spending December" and "Brokage January". From today, the wives, girlfriends, side-chicks, front-chicks, wannabes and soon-to-bes will change! They will start being nice and sweet...
Nigerian governors

I don cuss everybody finish ooo! I no fit go Naija again!

I just realised that I have effectively ruled myself out of visiting some parts of Nigeria, when I land, not too long from now.  Fayose's Ekiti is a definite no go area for me. I...

Bring back history lessons in Nigerian schools: no future if we do not acknowledge...

Yesterday, the people of Israel celebrated 100 years of the Balfour Declaration. The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government during World War I, announcing support for the establishment of a...

This is Nigeria: why make progress when you can make excuses?

UK's Defence Minister, Sir Michael Fallon, voluntarily resigned from office, for putting his hand on a female journalist's knee during an interview, 15 years ago. Yes o, 15 years ago! Hmmmmmmmmm I trust Nigeria my country. For it...
Mazi Abe and Buhari

mazi abe updates Buhari on Naija shenanigans as the president returns from UK MOT

Good morning, Bubu! I read you came back from your MOT service in the abroad yesterday.  Alhamdulillahi! I am sure you came back with all your shock absorbers, pistons and balls well oiled. Sorry, I mean...
British Airways Stewardess sacked for racist comments

I’m glad British Airways stewardess got sacked but I’m a Virgin kinda guy

I can't believe any well travelled Nigerian will try to make a case for the sacked British Airways stewardess accused of making a racist video. That is even scratching the surface. Orisirisi stories abound of how...
Senator John McCain v Buhari

Please can we send Buhari to John McCain’s doctor so Nigerians can also get...

24 hours after falling ill, it is announced that Ranking Senator John McCain of the US Senate has been diagnosed with brain cancer. It is highly unlikely he will return to the Senate, so the...