Travel is an education, don’t miss the class | Sayo Aluko

The Soil performing at the 2018 Windhoek Jazz Festival | Sayo Aluko

On a particular night during my 2018 November visit to Namibia, I was struck by the lightening of the acappella group known as The Soil. That night in Windhoek, they delivered an enchantment of a performance at the city’s yearly Jazz Festival.

Till date, I’m still nursing the ‘wounds’ from that lightening strike, superb acappella delivered in jazz. Think about it, acappella as jazz.

It was a tale of unusual serenade that married my curiosity to awe….and a year later, I’ve remained stuck to their bliss of musical quality.

But, this is not the actual gist.

This morning, as Nonzwakazi (one of my favs from them) came on majestically as usual from my Playlist, my mind was made to measure the lasting impact of that acappellojazzy night in Windhoek, a thought that eventually drove me to the junction of the under-emphasized importance of travel.

Brethren, for every byte of knowledge we got from the four-wall schools, travel will give a terabyte more.

Apart from being one prime way to lyse stress, create everlasting memories, rediscover one’s self, and cook a bowl-full of adventure, travel is an education no one should be an illiterate of.

It is a fact that travel, visiting places, new lifestyles and cultures, seeing the world outside yours, must be one of life’s best methods at educating the being inside us. Our mind.

We do a lot from the base of our mind, a reason it shouldn’t be left bereft of soundness, and travel, is one great way to ensure that.

Mark Twain – Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.

He is not wrong. Asides reading, I can comfortably state that most of the things I’ve learnt, the way my mind dots its Is and crosses its Ts, has been from my travel experiences.

This practice of travel not only broadens your mind, but it also allows your authentic self to surface. It affords one the education that ensures that you don’t walk around with kwashiorkor’d views.

Your mind gets fed, and so will your views.

I mean, when you get intentional about the importance of travel, you afford yourself that chance at an awe-inspiring education, where you drink in every new experience as if it were a glass of wine aged to perfection.

It is a practice one should make a habit.

And no, it doesn’t have to wreck your account; we now have the Naija Nomads and UfitFlys of this world where you can contact my very good friend, Adeoye Adejare, to get affordable travel plans and schedules.

And also, no, it doesn’t have to always be outside Nigeria. You’d be amazed at the plethora of education traveling Nigeria will throw at you. As you dey see me so, I can’t wait to explore Akwa Ibom…

Our world is a school, life has a lot to teach, and Travel is the tuition.


© Sayo Aluko

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