World Plantain Day

On World Plantain Day, here are 4 reasons why dodo is bae!

World Plantain Day 1)  Dodo is not difficult to prepare Need a delicious meal that doesn't need you to have several degrees from the best cooking schools in the world and an endorsement from Gordon Ramsey?...

To cook or not to cook: Nigerians debate who belongs in the kitchen

Seriously, it's like hunger no dey wire people for this country at all,  because we have fallen in love with this cook or don't cook argument. The protagonists of #WifeNotCook on one side, and...
Oha Soup by Dooneys Kitchen

The #SoupWars: How oha soup nearly made a thief out of me!

Honestly I don't see why we are fighting over whose soup rocks! I did a search on #SoupWars and found a lot of international cuisine that would make you grateful for ordinary okra soup...
Ofe owerri

Nigeria’s #SoupWars: are all soups created equal?

So, there's a war of Nigerian soups I just got to know about, ongoing in Naija's cyberspace... #SoupWars, it has been tagged. Hahaha! Funny hashtag. Abeg, make I quickly offer my tuppence. I think it'll NEVER...

Why We MUST Support the Forthcoming Oyo State Annual Amala Festival aka Ajodun Oka!

London is having its annual 'Taste of London' food festival. It will likely generate Millions of pounds for the economy and be good for business, tourism, the image of London etc etc. A few weeks...

Jamie Oliver, the rice murderer: after Jollof rice comes the paella disaster

“Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” This is a quote from Wasiu Ayinde Marshal and seems very relevant to Jamie Oliver right now. When he was running amok with the travesty...

Nigerian Cake Art Collaboration: a sweet celebration of skill, talent and flair

I always thought there wasn't a cake I could not eat. Except fruit cake, naturally. Fruit cake are not natural and have something of the underworld about them but then again, everyone knows this....
Jollof Rice Fron Nigeria

4 reasons why Nigerian Jollof Rice is amazeballs #WorldJollofRiceDay

Today is World Jollof Rice Day. A day that many Nigerians believe should actually be called Nigerian Rice day because let's be honest, does jollof rice really exist anywhere else? Just in case the...
Aboki suya

6 reasons Nigerians think Suya is bae

Suya (or spicy meat kebab if you want to be all oyinbo about it) is a much loved delicacy in Nigeria. The long thin cut of beef, marinated in delicious spices and grilled over red-hot...
The Crone - doughnut and ice-cream

Run, walk, crawl! Shoreditch shop offers The Crone – doughnut stuffed with ice cream!!!

Listen. I pay my taxes. I help old ladies across the street. I answer whenever my mum shouts my name(okay, fine! Maybe the second time sha). I don't ask for too much when I...

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