Nigeria Has Become a Hell of Our Own Creation


Since we gained independence in 1960, the Nigerian story has been full of heartbreak, tears and retrogression. Though there have been some victories, but they are too few when compared with the many losses.

The cheer and jubilation that followed the declaration of Nigeria’s independence on October 1st, 1960, didn’t last for long, as it was quickly interrupted by a series of coups which then led to the civil war (1967-1970).

Yes! We moved on, but not up. Our beloved Naija has been on the decline ever since. In the 70s to the early 80s, the Naira exchanged for something like 90 kobo to 1$, but about a decade later, the Naira was exchanging for 17 naira to 1$. And as the Naira continued to lose ground to the dollar, things got worse for Nigeria and for Nigerians economically.

It doesn’t look to me like we were prepared for self-governance yet. Maybe we should have allowed the oyinbo pipo dem to stay longer, and learned more from them.

Today, 1US$ equals 361.7500 Naira. Just like many Nigerians, I hope things begin to get better for us. But that’s all we’ve been doing: hoping and praying.

As at 1960, Nigeria was rated higher than Japan and South Korea as a preferred investment destination in the world. How did we get where we are now?

I cringe whenever I watch a Nollywood movie, and see how parents react at the news of their children travelling to obodo oyinbo – It seems like they are going to heaven. This is actually our reality. It must be feeling like hell for too many people here.

With an unemployment rate of 23.10%, most Nigerians are only struggling to survive. In 2018, according to the World Poverty Clock, an estimated 87 million Nigerians are thought to be living on less than $1.90 a day. This must be hell.

It is no longer news that, at the slightest opportunity, most Nigerians will flee the country. Too many things are just not going right.

The security challenges currently bedevilling the country makes my heart ache just at the thought of it. The devils of tribalism, religiosity, and ‘political parapoism’ (wehdon sir Patrick Obahiagbon) has continued to torment Nigerians in the hell of our own creation.

The number of extremely poor Nigerians has risen to 91.6 million, according to the World Poverty Clock. This means that virtually half of Nigeria’s population now live in extreme poverty, in one of the most blessed nation in the world. Just negodu nonsense.

When will things change? When will Nigeria become a place where people will be proud of associating themselves with?

Nigeria has become a hell of our own creation, and I’m still hoping, praying and dreaming of a nation I can be proud of.

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