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Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – A Review by Amelia Brown

“…there is a sense of joy and playfulness to the whole production” When Teacher tells a young Baba Segi that “two women at home are better than ten in a bush”, Baba Segi knows what...

I am Woman

I am velvet and steel I am longing and desire made real I am passion passion burning bright Inspiration setting ablaze the night I am the story that reads resilience Tales of courage overcoming mountains of resistance Mine is the yoniverse,...
Funmi Iyanda - In Conversations With My Mother

Oya Chronicles: In Conversation with My Mother by Funmi Iyanda – Abimbola Onimole

So did you die? Funmi Iyanda’s “In Conversation with My Mother” started with these words. From that moment, I was transfixed. I entered a world serene, anguished and intimate; beautifully so actually. Funmi Iyanda’s dialogue...
There was a time

There was a time

There was a time  When for the sake of your smile the ocean would not have withstood me When I would have run a gauntlet just to be by your side When my thoughts were centered only around you...
Richard III - Arcola Theatre - c-Alex-Brenner -9

Greg Hicks is theatrical excellence, Femi Elufowoju, Jr masterful in Arcola Theatre’s Richard III

Despite being a confirmed culture vulture, I was a bit concerned about how my ADHD would hold up for Richard III. This is Shakespeare's second longest play, and I am a person who has...

Maami – a traditional Yoruba poem

Maami, this day shall pass away To usher in a boundless joy The energy invested in the hurdles of life Shall be regained in the pleasure of future. You've won many battles with courage And broken many tides with prayers You've...

London’s Southbank Centre’s AFRICA UTOPIA returns for 5th year

SOUTHBANK CENTRE’S AFRICA UTOPIA RETURNS WITH A PROGRAMME OF PERFORMANCE, ART, FASHION AND TALKS Africa Utopia returns to Southbank Centre for its fifth year, from 15-16 July 2017, with a line up of some of the...

ALBINO – traditional African poetry

Cluttering face in the hot rays Inviting even the engaged eyes The white god amidst the Blacks The cult among the uninitiated Squeezing reddish face Oh please don't dare cry Why dare close eye at dawn How do you see path...
Traditional Yoruba Woman

Sisi Mi – traditional Yoruba poetry

Sisi mi You need not the charms of Abija wara bi ekun Nor the Ifa consultation of the Elebuibons You need not the prophesies of Temitope omo Joshua To ascertain the originality of the love I profess to...

A tribute to my grandfather

Baba Right in your warm embrace I wrecked mama's heavy meal I gulped from your palm wine tank In readiness for the Ijapa travels. You rained blessings on me before the farm path registered your feet. You bought me cloths of...