effective communication

The secret place of a man

Effective Communication The secret place of a man is not a physical location. It is an emotional cocoon in the deep recesses of his mind. I am talking about a man in this write up...
Having Children

Stop having children you cannot take care of!

Having Children Five years ago, a childhood friend of mine came begging me for money. She said she “mistakenly” got pregnant. She had just graduated from the University the year before, and was preparing for NYSC. Her...
Tithes right or wrong

On Tithing and other things – But, are you in love?

When and if LOVE is the primal motif, the necessitation, obligation, compulsion, compelling, onus and troth of religious practices and tenets like tithing, takes the back seat. This above, is a truth I've come to...
hitting kids

Hitting kids should be banned

Hitting kids I believe that what most of our parents did was child abuse not discipline You will say but "that is why you are strong." No, that is actually why you are temperamental, aggressive, have...
Bride price

Paying Bride Price does not make her your property

I support bride price - though I believe shouldn't be a compulsory marital requirement (thank God for the law, it's really not). However I feel it should be regulated. What is the job of...
wisdom for living

On some days, things will just not work

Wisdom for living Life is "funny". There was something I wanted to do last year around this time and it was not wise at all. At the time I didn't know this. It just seemed like...
helping hand

As you stretch out a helping hand, may your own helper locate you!

Anyone who says to you that you don't need the help of any man to become successful is dense. Anyone who says you don't need a helping hand; that you can make it on...
Nigeria's educational system

Our education system needs reform

Nigeria's educational system We need to face facts: our education system needs reform. Too many things are outdated and wrong and we still do it, churning out students and graduates by the hundreds who are...
modern day myths

There are actually more men than women in the world

Busting modern day myths What I don’t understand is how a few Nigerians pick on a moronic fallacy, and peddle it continuously. Even when you correct them, they still hold on tightly to their ignorance...

You forced love and now you’re experiencing the Valentine’s Day Hangover

Stop forcing love. Today is going to be frustrating for a lot of you. You will attempt to send that sms. Dial his number, hoping... Just this week, it was the time for lovey-dovey. Now,...

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