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Thursday, May 19, 2022
International Men's Day

Nov 19th – Happy International Men’s Day!

All over the world, it is not a new thing that women’s days tend to have more visibility. Everyone knows of International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and other days that have to do with...

Caesarean Section is a Life-Saver NOT A Death Sentence!

A story I heard recently broke me. Lady, young, promising. Sometime last year, I heard that she suffered a still birth. The umbilical cord was wound round the baby by the time she was delivered...
Friendships and Betrayals

Friendships and Betrayals in the New Age of Social Media

What is on Fay’s mind? I’ll tell you. So, we saw a lot of back stabbings, betrayals and backbiting some days ago on Facebook, when two longstanding friends had a fall out. A very...

5 Things to Consider Before Accepting A Friend Request on Facebook

With over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide, the Facebook community offers hackers an enormous opportunity to wreak havoc on people's accounts. And with the level of ignorance on these Facebook streets on how...
Obinwanne Okeke - Nigeria's Problem with Wealth

Isé kékeré, owó ńlá: Obinwanne Okeke and our crazy culture of ‘BLOW’ | By...

So, kasala burst this past week, FBI's morning rose early on a Nigerian Forbes' fraud, and most of us have remained stunned. Obinwanne Okeke, our illustrious son! However, we should know though, that while Obinwanne...
Obinwanne Okeke - FBI - Forbes' List

FBI Arrests Forbes’ Celebrated Billionaire Obinwanne Okeke for Fraud

Forbes-rated young Nigerian billionaire, Obinwanne Okeke arrested by FBI for $12 million (₦4.3 billion) fraud. My people, my people. Why are we laidis though? Just negodu nonsense. Na dem. Awon enia "Desire to perspire to acquire." Motivational speakers...
TruLittle hero awards 2019_1

TruLittle Hero Awards 2019: Celebrating the Next Generation of Leaders

The TruLittle Hero awards is the breeding ground for the next generation of leaders, influencers and positive role models. On the 9th of November 2019, expect a spectacular awards nights, to celebrate the incredible success...
Elisha Abbo - Remi Tinubu - Sex Toy Shop Scandal

Senators Remi Tinubu and Elisha Abbo (Woman Beater) Go Head to Head

The spectacle of watching two uncouth elements in Senator Elisha Abbo and Senator Remi Tinubu and their Jànkàrà market arguments at the Senate yesterday, was ugly and gut wrenching. Whilst the slapping idiot of a...
Nigerian Elections, Regina Daniels, COZA: Viva Naija Top 3 Trending Topics So Far

Nigerian Elections, Regina Daniels, COZA: 2019 So Far with Viva Naija

2019 so far: where is this year running to? When were we shouting APC/PDP here just now and we're already in July? Well, luckily, we've had plenty of gist to keep us going. In...
Biodun Fatoyinbo Leave of Absence COZA - Feature

COZA’s Biodun Fatoyinbo: The Unveiling of a Psychopath

Biodun Fatoyinbo gets on every single nerve I possess; specifically the last one I reserve for important things. Not just because he has allegedly been sexually inappropriate with his congregants but because he is...