Self employment

Is it the right time to go self employed in 2018?

In this article published by Business First Steps, the pros and cons of being your own boss are discussed. While self-employment gives you some freedom, it has several hurdles that entrepreneurs must face especially in...
Business tip

Business tip: Running other businesses down won’t help your brand

Business tip: Some people think that running the other business down helps their brand. Perhaps in a sense it may make them more visible and spark up conversation and debate about why their own brand...
Nigerians and piggy banks

A new wave of young savers in Nigeria who have resorted to piggy banks

There is something huge going on in social media Nigeria. It would seem that the young Nigerian population have a vision for weathering the stormy days ahead. In a time when the President is more...

Naira drops to N364/$ in parallel market

The naira, Thursday, depreciated to N364 per dollar in the parallel market, thus ending its eight day stability against the United States currency in the market. The naira has been stable at N363 per dollar...

Nigerian Businesses your Staffing needs attention!

I entered a Chicken Republic Quick service restaurant on Sunday, placed a pretty large order because I didn't want to be bothered about food for the whole day. While I'm waiting, Uncle who's serving me...
Business Integrity

Do not promise what you cannot deliver

Business Integrity General rule of thumb in business; never ever promise what you cannot deliver. Do not tell your clients that you are a master or professional at something when you are not able to deliver....

We Recovered N738b In Two Years- EFCC Boss

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu, yesterday said the agency recovered over N738.9 billion (equivalent to over $2.9 billion) in two years. He said the cash included...
Overcoming your phobias

Are these Phobias stifling your true potential?

Overcoming your phobias Could there be a reason your idea is still on a back burner? Could it be the same reason we stay at a job until redundancy strikes and forces us into a state...
Bank of England

Mixed feelings as UK interest rates rise for first time in 10 years

For mortgage owners, tracker rate surfers, and borrowers, this might not be good news, but for savers, this is welcome news indeed. According to the BBC, the official bank rate has been lifted from...
Your passion


Your passion Should I quit my Job to Package my Passion? The title above is a question that plays in the mind of so many people I meet on a regular basis. There is this seemingly...

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