A Standing Ovation for Tiwa Savage’s new single as she returns to top form [WATCH THE VIDEO HERE]

Tiwa Savage Olamide Standing Ovation -3

My favourite Tiwa song of all time is “Without My Heart” – it’s different and really showcases her talent. Thinking about it, I think I love it most when Ms Savage is not trying to be anyone else but Tiwa Savage and this is why her latest single, Standing Ovation is making so much sense to me.

Tiwa Savage Olamide Standing Ovation -1

The lyrics are light but fused with Yoruba and pidgin and even though it seems very carefully choreographed, the video gives me a feeling of a lady who likes to have fun and not just be coiffured and packaged as a diva. She is genuinely laughing as she shuffles through Shoki, Shakitibobo, and even at one stage, I saw a little Fuji Garbage thrown in for good measure!

The setting too was awesome for me: paw paw sellers, little kids that are Shoki-battle champions, sand, fun, Naija. My favourite clips are of her wearing jogging bottoms and a jumper and I think she looks absolutely delicious as she shows us what letting your hair down to a Standing Ovation looks like.

Tiwa Savage Olamide Standing Ovation -4
Tiwa Savage, gangsta kids, uncompleted building? This is Naija!

Are you not entertained, simple yes or no? Standing Ovation is the bizniz

Also, forget African Waist where we didn’t see anything of her waist, Ms Savage shows us a more feminine, more voluptuous form in Standing Ovation, and I’m loving it. Mami got thick and we are 100% here for it. Her face is softer, prettier (to my eyes) and she just seems more lovable somehow.

Tiwa Savage Olamide Standing Ovation -2

Olamide is also featured on the track and y’all know I rate him as a rap artiste, so I’m not going to gush here, but suffice to say that this song is the best one I’ve heard so far out of the Red album, and I rate the effort.

Welcome back, Ms Savage. We missed you!

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