A Woman By Choice


She found stability in the decisions she made for others when she found the contrary in her own decisions.

She never quite understood what was at stake in her not just knowing what she deserves, but in standing by it and letting others know, without having to speak it.

The tragedy in her past told on her future, and she could only be upset with the unrest of her having to put up with fighting constantly the shape of that future.

What she didn’t understand was how life had set its pace for her.

What she didn’t understand was why the people in her life made it so hard sometimes. That other times she could only be thankful for having the strength to cut them off.

She realised not just once, but many a times, that what is for you is for you, and what is yours is yours.

Seeing past all the things in her life didn’t stop her belief in something.

Being able to smile in the morning like she wasn’t crying at night elevated the strength she knew she had in her.

So she became a woman by choice amidst all the sorrow, depression, weaknesses, and misconceptions.

She became a woman by choice because she knew what she was capable of on her own.

She was strong.

Stronger than most people chose to believe. But she didn’t care for their thoughts. She knew they criticised what she had, yet prayed everyday for it.

She became a woman by choice with the conclusion that life should tear her up, only when it’s beautiful.

– Ego Aniebue

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