I agreed with Daddy Freeze once; thankfully I got cured of that madness


Daddy Freeze annoys the bejeezus out of me. I mean, constantly. He must be Nigeria’s Katie Hopkins – paid merely to spew inanities and opinions guaranteed to crawl up people’s noses. If a man is willing to drag his personal life through the mud in public view, it is clear that nothing is off-limits and there is no fight too lowdown for him to get involved in.

One time, ONE TIME, he made a comment about churches in Nigeria distributing their wealth to the self-same people who make them wealthy. I agreed, and in my spirit, I questioned my sanity. Agree? With Daddy Freeze? What was this life coming to? Next thing, I would say Donald Trump ain’t really that bad. Sheesh.

But I’m pleased to report that it was a 24-hour flu, and I am back to finding Daddy Freeze an unmitigated boor.

So, Timi Dakolo made a post about being complete and ready before going into marriage. My people, epp me see o:


Timi Dakolo on Marriage


Please, my people, did he say anything wrong? Did he say marriage is bad? Or that divorce is wrong? Do you not know at least one person who you know should never have gone ahead with their marriage? There are divorced people who will point-blank tell you that they knew it was a mistake from day one. Is he not merely appealing for caution, maturity and completeness in one’s being before embarking on an important journey? Where has he spoken more than his mouth?

But Daddy Freeze will always have something to say. And then, as dependable as termites, he came out with it:

Daddy Freeze on Timi Dakolo

Guilty conscience will always show itself. There are many people who had acrimonious divorces and would still tell prospective couples that completeness counts for a lot. But not the Big Freeze. He uses pastors – the very same category of people he eschews with so much bile – to make his point.

And then when Timi Dakolo responded saying that he’d lost respect for the DJ(?) ever since he’d termed his children’s mother “useless”, Daddy Freeze went into overdrive. He’s been claiming that Timi has a geh fren. Just pree ya:

Listen. Maybe Timi Dakolo has a side chick, and maybe he hasn’t. Perhaps he might encounter some difficulty in his marriage as a result of this pronouncement and perhaps he mightn’t (Personally, I hope Mrs Dakolo just cooks Indomie with hegg and laughs at his foolishness).

Whatever happens, the Dakolos will stay winning because one of them is not Daddy Freeze and the other did not marry Daddy Freeze. Baba #Goals.

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