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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Jerry Chiemeke is a foodie and future art collector who thinks he wasted six years pursuing a law degree. Christian between 10pm-4am but Agnostic from dawn to dusk, Jerry plays lead vocals for imaginary rock band 'Disgruntled Employees', with hundreds of sold-out concerts...which he can't recall when he wakes up. He strongly advocates for online weddings.

“How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams?” –...

Clooney: "Your children's admiration means a lot to you, right? " Newly Fired Guy: "Yeah?" Clooney: "Oh well, they shouldn't." Fired Guy: "Hey asshole, aren't you supposed to be consoling me?" Clooney: "I'm not a shrink, I'm a...
Slide in her DMs like

Slide into DMs: toasting in the era of social media

So you come across this individual on whichever social media platform (there are lots of them these days, you're yet to get a grip of one app and another one pops up). Said individual...
Nigerian relationships - Black woman feeding black man

The dietary question that has held Nigerian relationships together: “Have you eaten?”

It's been your vintage Monday; long, hard, and being nagged to near-insanity by your tormentor-in-chief (aka your superior at the office). Unfortunately, you cannot recreate that scene in the movies where the disgruntled employee...

Lionel Messi on Three Years, Three Finals, Three Defeats: Hard luck, or just plain...

There had been a hundred and twenty minutes of football, each side a man down, legs and souls worn out from all the vain attempts to end the game in normal time. It had...

A military sucker punch, like that of the old days of Dambe Boxing

Random Saturday evening, Typical gridlock, Undetermined hour, Lagos. Much is made about thanking the Creator (if you aren't agnostic/atheist) for Fridays, but I like to think that the essence of such gratitude is defeated if you are reporting...
relationship closure

Wait first, what are we even closing? Is hankering for post-relationship closure wise?

A few years ago, my first very girlfriend left me after a two-and-a-half year period of trying out this thing you people refer to as, well, love. (Yea yea, late bloomer, bite me). It...