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Victor C. Ibeh

Victor Ibeh is a lifestyle influencer, committed towards teaching and reorienting people to live the way in the society. You can follow his teachings at https://vilvar.org/
Fulfilled women

Raising Fulfilled women

Fulfilled women I really hope that one day we will learn to balance the counsels we offer women in our society. If we can convert a quarter of the marriage counsels we offer our females, to...
walk away from abuse

Stop letting others guilt trip you into enduring abuse

Walk away from abuse I can't wrap my head around the idea of testing people with discomfort and negativity. Where did we get this warped idea that people who can endure our bad behavior are more...
Toxic relationships

Free yourself from Toxic relationships!

You should be discerning enough to know when somebody has become an "agada-gbachiri-uzo" (an obstacle in your path) in your life. A relationship should be active, living and progressive. I mean, how can somebody sit complacently...
Tender Loving care

What the tender loving care of a man really looks like

Tender loving care It sounds so sweet, when a man tells a woman that he would take care of her. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be cared for? As sweet as this sounds to your...
effective communication

The secret place of a man

Effective Communication The secret place of a man is not a physical location. It is an emotional cocoon in the deep recesses of his mind. I am talking about a man in this write up...
Heal yourself

Find healing first

Heal yourself After my marriage ended, it took me 16 months to heal completely. In all that 16 months, I never transferred aggression. I was only angry with the person who hurt me. I took my...

Marrying an unbeliever: I love my man but we’re unequally yoked [Victor Ibeh’s Desk]

Good morning, I'm a huge fan. Thank you for all the wisdom you spill on your timeline. I'm a young christian lady. I was raised to think marrying a Christian makes your marriage perfect...
Pregnant and confused

Dear Victor: he was eager to get married until I got pregnant!

Hello victor, here is my life story I would like you to air it so I could get people’s responses before acting, but please, you have to keep my ID hidden. I met a guy...

Dear Victor: my ex is a deadbeat dad but pretends to be superman!

Good morning Victor, I need your counsel on a very serious issue. I am a divorced single mother of one. I have been divorced for 7 years and my child is 9. My ex is...
dissatisfied wife - sexual dysfunction - black couple

Dear Victor: my husband’s sexual dysfunction is affecting our marriage!

Good evening sir, I am on the verge of a divorce. As I'm writing to you I'm fed up with my marriage of 6 months. After our marriage, I discovered that my husband is...