#BBNaija heats up as competitive HM, Kemen gets disqualified.


Moments ago, Big Brother Naija‘s quite competitive and one of the most talked about contestant, Kemen, was disqualified from the competition after a video showed his touching Tboss while she was asleep next to him…

While is it clear that Kemen’s was unnecessarily creepy and wrong with his move on Tboss, social media is lit with debates over the rightness or unfairness of his “shocking” disqualification.

Well, what do you think?

Kemen bbnaija
Official sponsors of the show, Payporte, already released a statement distancing from the Kemen situation.


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  1. What did kemen do that they haven’t do in that house before???. In as much as i condemned his act,i blame T boss for sleeping close to him,,,who no like better fruit…it is hard to see fresh,nice looking fruits and turn ur back 😀

  2. I was wondering why kemen was dïsqualified men……that was unnecessary and quite unfair.That same T boss was screwed by Myonse and bbnijia gave them a pat on the back,now what is wrong with Kemen touching her?na wa for bbnijia o abi him sef dey eye Tboss?

  3. Bbn dnt kW wat dey are doing wat kemen did was wrng, we all agree but we need to look very carefully here if u watch the video u will see that wen kemen deep his hands in tboss she got up she did not only get up she also lift up the duvet cover to see and went bk to sleep and I guess kemen continued now do u want to tell me now that after she got up she did not still figure out that she was tourch haba we are not fools and she is saying she did not kW imagine wen she even raise the blanket to see and close it bk and even turn to the other side abeg let’s leave dis tboss she is playing her game well

  4. Let all the guys in the house be careful of tboss,tboss nominated miyonse for eviction because she said he was distracting her,now she has successfully sent kemen packing because he touched her without her knowledge I see nothing bad in the video because she was aware kemen touched her because no matter how deep I might be asleep if u touch me where I know want I must to change am for u,if you didn’t say a word that moment it means u really like what the guy is doing to u.she really ruin kemen life he was disqualified not evicted next time u Cool down to know people attitude well before trespassing tboss is a witch she knw dey quick forgive that was how bally beg severally before she accepted his apologies I can’t wait to see her go home on Sunday because if she no go there is something fishing between her and big brother #team efe base on logistics

  5. Even if he misbehave and he got disqualified, he was surpose to go home yesterday, coz yesterday during the eviction show,they show all the percentage of vote ,he was 4.9% the Uriel was 7.6%,as he was disqualified, that was y u Uriel was evicted, cos,she and kemen vote was very low,efe vote was the highest

  6. She said what will her father think about her, wen she was opening her breast for the public her father won’t say anything abt that or wen miyonse did the same to her. The girl is just playing everybody including big brother

  7. Where is the video? How come big brother has no evidence to show us?
    Did Tboss report to him? If not, wet in concern Biggie?
    Anyone that get close to her gets evicted…..
    Sorry Kemen, I pray thus rather makes u a star than tarnish your image.

  8. Good for him, he should have told t,boss how he feel for her,not touching her without her knowing it , he is a man and men tost Bea or not doing corner sharp sharp !!!!!!lols

  9. Seriously, Tboss is just a big time witch gradually dropping the house mates in other to pave her way to d top. It’s obvious, but wait o, is it me or is Big Brother interested in TBoss & we are judging by wat we can only see? Kemen was wrong, but this is one too many evictions resulting from touching d UNTOUCHABLE(Tboss)! TBoss has nothing to offer @ d end of d day as far as I’m concerned, she is only a lucky bitch who made her way 2 BBN & wants to win by hook or crook! D remaining housemates, please b careful wit d witch, she sure has better plans of making sure u all get out!

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