Beautiful: Proud brother celebrates special Sister, lit Instagram

Oziology467 Down Syndrome

Oziology467 Down Syndrome

This feels amazing.

A man, who goes by the Instagram moniker “Oziology467“, took to the platform to celebrate her sister for getting married. He noted, “My DS (Down Syndrome) sister is now a pride/bride” in two separate posts, and while some Nigerians as usual, have taken time to berate him for pointing out the fact that the sister has special needs, most people saw common reason to join him in celebrating the bride.

Oziology467 Down Syndrome

Well, we are happy for both the proud brother and the beautiful conjugant sister. People can be funny tho, if he didn’t point it out, I’m sure Nigerians would meme life outta the image and essentially berate the essence therein. And, it is clear the guy meant no harm at all pointing out the down syndrome fact…

Viva Naija congratulates Oziology467’s beautiful sister and we pray her a great home.

Oziology467 Down Syndrome

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