Boris Johnson is UK’s New Prime Minister

Boris Johnson

So like play like play, Boris Johnson rose from a floppy haired, un-serious public school boy, to a floppy haired gaffe-stricken Mayor for London, to now being the UK’s floppy haired prime minister, right?

This same BoJo who agitated for Brexit and couldn’t deliver suddenly has a clue about running the country? This same Boris Johnson who can’t sort out his private life will now sort out the UK? Let me be clear: the one with more charm (if you can call it that) than strategy will once again lead this nation to greatness? Iffa hear.

I can’t say I did not see this coming, but I am disappointed all the same, and I lay this firmly at Labour’s feet. We are in this mess as a direct result of their inability to get their house in order and elect a leader who is credible, impassioned, balanced and seeming to have a good grasp of where the UK is and what the country needs. Labour let us down in the Brexit debates; their arrogance on believing that everyone thought the same way they did and would not be so “stupid” as to vote Brexit meant they did not put in the effort to educate, enlighten or break down the figures for Brits, and here we are.

Their lacklustre ‘Bremain’ campaign was particularly disheartening given that any fool with two eyes, two ears and half a brain cell could have seen that the world was awash with right wing sentiment at the time. Between our treatment of Syrian refugees and the mind boggling migration from Obama to Trump, it was clear that tolerance was at an all time low.

And then, when the whole world and its aunty was sick of Ms May and her hard Brexit, Labour still could not win the elections to have her removed because Corbyn was equally not the leader the nation needed at the time.

And so it was, that we went from NOT wanting a Tory government to labouring under the uncomfortable ConDem coalition, to somehow segueing into a purely Tory government, and now, today, Boris Johnson.

Thanks, Labour, for this pot of beans life.

Well, here’s to a few years of BoJo. I don’t even know how we’re counting the thing anymore. When is the next actual elections in the UK? Because it seems to have all gone to hell in a hand basket. In more ways than one.


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