Brexit looking more and more like a pot of burnt beans as fighting continues within and without


But who sent us this Brexit matter? Who? We were on our own o, everything was great. We asked Scotland if they wanted to leave UK; William Wallace people said no. Everyone continued minding their business. We were down with astronomical house prices in the South, chicken tikka masala in the Midlands, and fried Mars bars in the North.

But as Brexit and then Trump has shown us, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. There will always be a dissatisfied sector who feel their predicament is down to someone else. And that someone else is usually a minority member of the society. And now that this sector has spoken, the whole thing is just a big mess.

1. Hungary Reassures Its Own

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has announced on radio that Hungarian immigrants who already work in Britain will not see a deterioration in their situation after Britain leaves the EU. He made this announcement to reassure the approximately 95,000 Hungarians already working in the United Kingdom after a meeting with Theresa May earlier last week. Hmmm….so Brexit will not affect the 95,000 Hungarians living and working here? And I assure you they are one of smaller migrant populations. Patiently waiting for the Polish Prime Minister to say his own. And Angela Merkel. And the French and Spanish prime ministers. Na die we dey.

2. S&P Predicts ‘Hard’ Brexit most likely outcome for UK leaving EU

Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s predicts that a hard” Brexit in which Britain loses its free access to the European Union market now looks like the most likely outcome of the country’s plan to leave the bloc. This means that the UK’s former belief of “They need us more than we need them” may simply not be true. Which will stink because this has been the only leverage we were hoping to bring to the table during trade negotiations.

S&P had previously cut the UK’s stellar rating from AAA to AA following the shock exit decision, and now it believed that it appeared Britain’s government had not yet accepted that the EU was unlikely to yield on the indivisibility of its four freedoms – the free movement of people, capital, goods, and services.

There are Brits who still think that the villas we own in Marbella and Magaluf will be enough of a bartering chip, but somehow…

3. Lib Dems Demand Second Referendum or Will Vote Against Brexit Trigger

I mean, it’s not like I am taking them seriously. What the Lib Dems decide to do or not do is inconsequential in the larger scheme of things. They simply do not have enough people. My point is there are many people who will jump onto this bandwagon, or any, for that matter, in order to stall or completely nix the exit plan. Lib Dems are not here for Brexit. Labour are not here for Brexit. There are Tory members who don’t like the idea. Shoot, there are those who voted for it and then Googled it after the fact and are now convinced they’re Bremain.

Any way you slice it or dice it, this will be messy and it will affect the way the rest of the EU view Britain. Going to get some of that chips Belgium  is famous for before it’s too late and watch the entire show, I reckon.

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