Daddy G.O Adeboye 1 billion naira request

Adeboye 1 billion

I swear I’m speechless. I thought this was a ruse by Daddy Freeze and his goons. I’d heard that the head of Redeemed Church, awon Daddy won, Pastor Adeboye had requested N1billion from devoted followers, but I thought…surely not? Surely this is a set-up? Surely, this has been taken out of context by people who do not mean the faith well? But here it is: clear as day and large as life:


A special announcement???? I’ll bet! Beht if you don’t have N1bn and it’s doing you like you should give the N100m in your account, then you can still listen to the special announcement too. It may be half prophecy but…at all at all na winsh.

At this point, I have no choice but to respect his hustle and laugh my head off at gullible Nigerians. We don talk, we don tire. Give your N1billion. Wetin consine fish with raincoat? Not my circus, not my monkeys. I don’t think they do refunds in hell, so I have a feeling some people will be in for a rude, fiery awakening, but no be from my mouth una go hear say tisha mama die.

Please give o. Donate generously. We are no longer in the days of the widow’s mite or the Widow at Zarephath. We are, as y’all know, under a new dispensation. Men of God don’t need small loaves of unleavened bread, they need billions of naira and private jets. Pay on time; na heaven sure pass!

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  1. You should get your facts right. The 1billion naira donation was for the church auditorium construction which is 3km by 3km auditorium. He didn’t ask for his personal pocket. Remember it’s human beings that will contribute towards the church auditorium. If the energy expended on our clergymen is channeled towards holding our government officials accountable our country will be great. The money wasn’t for his personal use.Nobody was forced into donating. In life everyone knows their level financially

    • If the 3km is coverted to farmland where massive mechanized farming takes place you and I will enjoy from it. Of what use is a auditorium of 3km by 3km to the nation where hunger prevails? Places that are supposed to be used for factories and industries has been bought over by churches making it difficult for the nation to grow economically. To a greater extent the church contribute largely to the fall of this nation. If the church know the right thing to do to save the nation from poverty the government will stand on their feet but unfortunately even the church has failed.
      Wait for a seconds! Which business will donate 1billion naira? Tell me the government office or bank manager that has 1billion to donate? EFCC should go after such individual immediately.

    • Whether the donation is for his pocket or not, the request is questionable. Which genuine business man will give that kind of money except corrupt government officials, oil bunkers and high degree 419ners. Pls let’s see things objectively without emotions due to sentimental attachments

    • The way Nigerian reporters write to sensationalise issues is quite apalling. The N1B in question is à gentle appeal to members towards thé complétion of thé New auditorium. The complex upon complétion would be open to other business opportunités…hence jobs are being created. Already, Shimawa village (the location) and environs are benefiting tremendously from its présence as it is enjoying uninterrupted power supply, pipe borne water etc…Yes, the church generates its own power supply amongst many other social amenities it provides.

    • If the church in Nigeria with the little funds can have stable electricity, then something is wrong with our government with all the big funds at their disposal. I was in redemption camp in 2012&2013 there was never power outage thru out my stay there. They need to be commended

    • Who’s jugding here? Why can’t people just reason right for once? 1billion naira donation by one person! Our pastor’s are the once encouraging yahoo yahoo, scammer and corrupt politicians. No reasonable business man will drop such money without expecting a return from it.

  2. Mariam talked ill of her brother Moses and was struck with leprosy (since the day I read that portion of the Bible,am always careful of what I say especially to the clerics).You don’t slander the anointed men of God( both Christian and Muslim clerics that truly serving God). Nobody forces you to give, if you can afford it you give but if you can’t please don’t discourage those that want to after all Heavenly race is personal thing. Run your own make I run my own, my believe is not your believe neither is yours mine, ‘mbok dem no point gun for your head neither a knife on throat nor pestle on your leg to give naa’.To some, a billion Naira is not a headache. The said money is not even for his personal use but God’s work and if you’re not okay by that,please take a walk.We know how much some personalities donated to build the ‘oja oba Mosque’ in Ilorin…don’t let me go there please cos I don’t like judging for I respect others believe.
    BE GUIDED!!!

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