Daddy G.O gets propositioned by a “night entrepreneur”


(Daddy G.O in his hotel room after ministration and a call comes in)

G.O: Hello. God blesh you. Who is speaking?

Betty: Good evening sir. My name is Betty

G.O: God blesh you Betty. Awayu?

Betty: I’m fine sir. I was at the programme where you ministered today. I just want to say that was a wonderful ministration. It really touched me.

G.O: Eh ya, o powerfully ba e! It jammed you powerfully! We thank God. We thank God. It’s the Lord’s doing.

(G.O logged into the spirit)

Ehh! Ila-mila-lasa-saida! Eeh! Re-bosh-kere-bo-santa!
Betty, as I was talking to you, the Lord told me to tell you to relax in him. You are struggling with so much and not letting go. He wants you to turaka, but o n le’ra (He wants you to free yourself, but you’re being stiff). He wants to carry you if you let him. Betty, if you allow him, your glory will gbera (elevate! Lift itself)! Are you getting me? Betty, do you understand Yoruba?

Betty: Yes, I do sir.

G.O: Yes, ogo e ma gbera (your glory will lift) if you stop struggling on your own.

Betty: It’s true sir. You are correct. I’m passing through some challenges. For example, I want to change my job and start a business. But the support is not forthcoming. It’s just empty promises here and there.

G.O: Betty, that’s because you are putting your trust in man. Man will fail you. Only God won’t disappoint you. What kind of job are you doing now?

Betty: I’m a night entrepreneur.

G.O: Night what? You mean security job?

Betty: No sir. Night entrepreneur.

G.O: I heard you Betty, eti o dun mi (I don’t have ear ache). I don’t know what kind of job that is.

Betty: Oh okay. I entertain in clubs and hotels.

G.O: Oh ok. You are an entertainer? You are a singer?

Betty: I do all sir. I dance too.

G.O: O ti ye mi Betty. I get you fully! That’s great! Multi-talented Betty. So as regards the support you need to start the new business, I prophesy that help shall arise for you speedily.

Betty: Amen

G.O: I say speedily!

Betty: Aaamen!



Daddy G.O: You are blessed Betty. Pele my dear. Turaka, so gbo? (loosen up, you hear?) Let God carry you, and as he does, ogo e naa de ma gbera bee!

Betty: Amen. Thank you sir. Does your phone have video call function sir?

G.O: Video? I don’t know o. What’s that one again? Betty, this technology something is not my thing really.

Betty: I just want to video call you so that you can see me maybe there are other visions you need to see and tell me.

G.O: So it’s possible for you to call me and I will be seeing you?

Betty: Yes now. What type of phone do you have…I’ll know if it can do it. Or let me end this call and video call you. If it rings again just pick it as normal. That means it’s working.

G.O: Okay Betty.

Call ends.

Daddy G.O ‘mistakenly’ changes phone status to aeroplane mode.


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