Dammy Krane goes to fool himself in the abroad of America; gets incarcerated on fraud charges


When will these young bloods learn? They think everywhere is like Nigeria: police asleep except when they want egunje. And even if you are in trouble, a small, brown envelope makes it all go away. Singer Dammy Krane is the latest to fall victim to the long arm of the law after being held on charges including Grand Theft Auto, identity fraud, and credit card fraud. He is being held in Dade, Miami county jail, pending when/if he can meet bail requirements.

This is so tragic, I don’t even know where to begin. He is just twenty-three and he has a rap sheet this ‘interesting’. And this is America, Dade county to be precise: they don’t play with the whole 50% jail term shenanigans. You will serve your time and not a single day will be removed. It is only in the UK that I have heard of graded prisons – light, medium and heavy security prisons. Jeez, they even have day-release prisons where they let you go out for a bit of shopping!

American jails?? Some ese will make you his mami, and you will call him papi every night! Dammy Krane – so young and promising, just twenty three. And he’s thrown that all away. I say thrown away because no one comes out of a jail, especially an American jail, the same way they went in. Credit card fraud. Identity theft. These are felonies, not misdemeanours. Should he be found guilty, he will have to serve significant jail time. And he will be placed cheek by jowl with murderers, gun slingers, drug pushers and rapists.

This is a shame, but it’s such self-inflicted shame.

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  1. 🤦‍♂️ at the foolishness. Boy has 9 felonies against him, can’t even make bail. With a state appointed attorney, I see jail time in his future followed by deportation and a travel ban. Bright future flushed down the toilet due to greed

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