Domestic Violence: US Pro baseball player Danry Vasquez proposes to GF after horrific beating and she says YES!

Domestic Violence - Danry Vasquez

You see this domestic violence of a thing ehn? It is a worldwide problem. This idea that someone can serve as your punching bag while you work out your frustrations on them is the thinking of a weak, flawed human. That someone would LET you do this to them and DEFEND your actions while you bruise and hurt them, is the hallmark of a more broken individual. Either way, it typically never ends well.

There is video footage showing US Pro Baseballer Danry Vasquez beating HELL’S BELLS out of his girlfriend in a stadium stairwell in 2016, and when I say he pummelled this woman, hian! He threw her down the stairs, dragged her by the hair, and put all of his weight behind each slap and punch.

So far, so douchebag.

This is the video below. It is graphic, so viewer discretion is advised.

The interesting part comes when we discover that he was arrested upon police receipt of this video and it was the ABUSED GIRLFRIEND who pleaded that charges not be brought. She was uncooperative with officers and refused to press charges. The Voltron girlfriend insisted that this was “an isolated event” and would not budge. As a result, the case could not be pushed further. His team, the Corpus Christi Hooks, released him days after the incident, and he was asked to take anger management classes. The end.

This person then proceeds to propose to her around November 2017, and she says yes. Cheers to the happy couple! He toasts her by describing her as:

“…the person who is always with me in the good and the not so good! You are the love of my life and with you I will be until the end of the world princess!!!”

Yup, she’s truly the embodiment of a virtuous woman. That she doesn’t flinch during an unholy beat-down must also work in her favour in the quest to be MRS VASQUEZ.

Danry’s attorney told TMZ, “I recall conversations about the extreme stress he was under and the pressures to perform that he was young. Came to USA at a young age with no parents (accommodating him) and no guidance … just his dreams. She never excused his behaviour, just loved him enough to believe they could move forward.”

Laughable. Funny how these “stressed” individuals never take out their stresses on their boss or walk to the local boxing gym and go toe to toe with anyone up for a scrap.

It is also fascinating that, for an isolated event, the girlfriend sure seems pretty calm about the smackdown. She picks herself up calmly, takes great care to not aggravate the situation further, and waits patiently on the stairs even when she could have run away – a sure sign that this behaviour was not new to her. Her entire demeanour says “Oh dear, I’ve vexed him again. Time for my beating, I guess. Tsk. Silly me!”

Look. This is her rodeo. He is clearly unrepentant – a 19-hours-old Instagram page that must have been set up on the back of this furore shows him referring to critics as “haters” and flaunting her picture, stating “we good” on one of the pictures.

Instagram - Domestic Violence - Danry Vasquez

©Instagram – Danry Vasquez letting the haters know he’s REALLY sorry

Instagram - Domestic Violence - Danry Vasquez -2
©Instagram – Danry Vasquez confirming once again that his girlfriend did not die, so the fuss is for nothing, really.

She will be Mrs Vasquez or will die trying. Or maybe even die afterwards. What do I know? You can’t tell a grown woman what to do, and it is very difficult to save someone from themselves. I would advise some family members to ask her what her favourite flower is. You know, in case…

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