Donald Trump tells widow of fallen soldier: “knew what he signed up for”

Trump and fallen soldier

When I dey tell una say Donald Trump na fresh craze, una say my mouth bad. It is one thing to be completely incompetent, it is another to be proudly so. He doesn’t send anyone, and he will drag America down into a ball of flames unless something happens and fast.

This…man called a widow on the news of her soldier husband’s death to commiserate with her. It is reported that somewhere within that conversation, Trump said the brave soldier “knew what he signed up for”.

Wife of Fallen soldier

I swear to God, I am sick to my back teeth of this overgrown Wotsit. There are men in prison who have had less blunders, gaffes and calamities than this person, and America rewards him by putting him in the White House. The entire nation (and, I’m sorry, this includes people who didn’t vote for him AND SPECIFICALLY INCLUDES THOSE THAT DIDN’T VOTE AT ALL!) should hang their head in shame! No decorum, no grace, no maturity, NO SENSE!

And here comes his pathetic attempt at crisis management “Errrr…I totally did not say that and I have proof!” Like we don’t know Twitter Crazy McLittle-Hands would not have blasted the proof into the stratosphere if he had it? Sitcho unsympathetic ass down, Tango Can lookin’ piece of nasty.

And if he doesn’t get Obama’s name out of his mouth!!! Why the need to keep comparing? If you’re doing a good job, the nation will tell you. And yes, they (and we) are telling you: you’re not!

Just fumbles, mumbles, upsets EVERYONE, and just keeps truckin’ – they call him Teflon Don.

I am over Donald Trump. Theresa May is no prize, but bloody hell! Ugh!

May the soul of the departed rest in peace; wishing his widow and the rest of his family the strength not just to deal with the loss, but to have suffered so greatly under a leader who simply does not care.

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