Ex-Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson found guilty of sexual activity with a child

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Ever wondered how civilised societies dealt with issues revolving around grooming and child molestation? Well, gather round ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, as the UK has provided us today with an example next to which we might compare the tragic case of Ese Oruru. Ex-Sunderland FC footballer, Adam Johnson, has today been found guilty of one count of sexual activity with a minor and further cleared of one cunt of a different sexual activity.
©BBC|Adam Johnson

Now, please note that there was no abduction or displacement in this case, a crime for which Johnson would most likely have been facing an even longer jail sentence than the one he is facing now. We will retain this case and its comparison to the Oruru case to simply the act of having a sexual interaction with a MINOR.

1. His age is not a factor; but hers is
Nobody in the UK media is concerned about how old Adam Johnson is, just the fact that he is considerably older than his victim and the fact that she is underage and incapable of giving consent. Nothing else matters.

2. She is shielded at every opportunity; he is not given that privilege
Johnson was quietly suspended when the investigations first kicked off and then let back on the team when it seemed as though the matter was dropped. When there was irrefutable evidence though (as well as the possibility of a statement from the victim), the discretion was blown and the footballer found himself in court.

Compare this to a situation where the most wanted man in Nigeria at the moment is nowhere to be seen. Not even so much as a photograph or an interview. Someone knows where he is, but we can’t find him. Yet, the victim is being paraded, recorded and prodded like wet fish.

3. Once there is a credible case against him, his connections/status/bank account cannot help him
Yes, there are celebrities whose wrongdoings have been swept under the carpet for years in times past (Jimmy Saville comes to mind), but once the story is made public, you have no choice but to pay the piper and face the full length of the law.

Adam Johnson BBC PA photography
Adam Johnson with Frank Lampard meeting the Duchess of Cambridge. Just a year later though, his world has fallen apart.

Compare this to Yinusa’s case. A child was taken over to the Emir’s palace and it was not deemed a priority to get her home. I know that he gave orders that this be done immediately. I know that he probably thought it had been done. Lord knows I didn’t expect Emir Sanusi to take the girl on his back and carry her to Bayelsa himself. But look at this whole mess now. And still I ask – where is Yinusa???

4. There are no grey lines, no excuses. He had sexual contact with a minor
Nobody is talking about the probability of the victim being in love with Johnson (even though yes, she met him as a besotted Sunderland supporter). Nobody is trying to square away what happened into a neat, little, more palatable box. What’s wrong is wrong and sexual contact with a minor is wrong.

We have, however, seen on social media scores of people referring to the video of Ese stating that she does not want to go home – as if this is proof of anything or should somehow lessen the strength of Yinusa’s wrongdoing.

5. Even Sunderland FC is being investigated as part of the case
How much did they know? When did they find out? What did they do when they found out? Did they try to cover for their star player in any way? You see, anybody who knows that a minor is being sexually interfered with in any way and does not seek to protect the minor may be found guilty of aiding and abetting.

Ese’s mother met closed door after closed door in her bid to track down her daughter, and none of these obstacles will be persecuted. Everyone who made it possible for this teenage victim to be whisked away to Kano, who turned a blind eye or frustrated the mother’s efforts is responsible for the 5 month old pregnancy the young victim is now purported to be carrying.

Oh, wait. What did you think? That Yinusa was was taking her to Kano to show her his Lego collection? Of course she’s pregnant!

6. “Jail sentence is inevitable”
The judge who read out the verdict to Adam Johnson made it clear to him that he will most likely serve a custodial sentence. If this happens, it will almost inevitably lead to signing a sex register, and will certainly affect any future footballing career he might have had. This speaks to accountability, consequence and follow through.

Will Yinusa ever see the inside of a court, never mind a jail cell? Or will we forget and add him to the pile of collateral damage as we deal with the shit storm that is known as “Daily Life In Nigeria”? Console ourselves with “Haa, shebi Mama Ese even saw her own back? What of other mothers that didn’t? Mel melo la fe wi; melo melo la fe so?”

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