Facebook pastors and the hunt for the Proverbs 31 Woman


Facebook Conversations:

Him: See, all these women are not submissive. A virtual woman is hard to find these days. We men need to pray and bid this spirit of the Antichrist. For me, I will marry a proverbsu31 woman. Amen.

Me: I’ll assume you meant virtuous, as no one in his right mind wants an imaginary wife. Not unless he’s into spirit wives. Just saying. Also, you may have meant to say “bind” and “Proverbs 31”?

Him: All that is just grammar. Pray for yourself so that you won’t end up with a bad woman. I bind that spirit of water and marine and spirit wife for you. Don’t say that for yourself OK?

Me: I have prayed for a good wife. I’ve done it so much, all the bad women are now either confused or locked up. Then one day I asked if I was a good man.

Him: Meaning what? Am I a bad man?

Me: I don’t know you, so I’m the wrong person to answer that. As I was saying, I asked myself, if I am a good man.
I realized I gave myself a pass mark not because I was necessarily a good man, but because I am a man and I believe I must automatically be OK while the woman isn’t, and must either measure up to me or be subdued to be so. It was pride and nothing more.

Him: You’re confused. I will pray for you. Look at you shaming yourself as a man. Looking down on yourself when God made you in His image.

Me: In whose image was the woman made?

Him: Women are to submit to men. Men are to be the heads and not the tail. Proverbs-31

Me: I never disputed that.

Him: Thank God you know

Me: Wait. Hold on. Head and not the tail? Is she now the tail?

Him: Women are beneath men.

Me: How? Please explain.

Him: God made man first so a woman is second to him, and below him. They have to submit. A virtuous woman will keep her home and love her husband.

Me: Stop repeating submission like this is a wrestling match. Nobody said that nor was your headship in dispute. That however does not absolve you or me of being good men and being responsible.

Him: You’re just lost.

Me: No. Just tired of going round in circles. Do you know that a man is called to love his wife sacrificially and be virtuous too? Do you know if he’s not, he can destroy his own marriage? So it’s not about being with a good woman. Are you a good man? Are you humble and do you respect her?

Him: When a woman is virtuous, she can make her husband love her. Girls these days are demonic and don’t want to submit. They want to be driving big cars and behaving like men, wearing trousers and talking to men anyhow. That is why they don’t marry early.

Me: Sigh

Him: Hahahah. You cannot deceive me like that. I know who I and and I know my place. A woman cannot be my head.

Me: Have you ever heard of the Proverbs 31 man?

Him: See another lie from the pit of hell. There is nothing like that in the Bible.

Me: Really? Read it again.
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Him: I am a man of God. God had showed me severally about the bible. I have many revelations. You cannot teach me anything lies. There is nothing like that there. It is for women to see and change their behaviour.

Me: Sigh.

Him: I will pray for you and that you won’t marry a woman that will ride you.

Me: Technically I DO want a woman that will RIDE me, but that’s neither here nor there and I doubt you’d get my point.

Him: Hahaha. So you’ve already sold your manhood rights and want to be treated like a woman? I pity you.

Me: Sigh. I pity me too. I’ve spent time and data on this…

Him: Hahaha. Goodbye to you brother. I pray your life changes. One day you will learn. Better pray now and repent before it is too late and you marry a bad Jezebel. Goodbye to you. God bless you.


One day I will be free from Facebook and the “pastors” therein. One day…


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