Fere Olode and Nigeria’s mysterious whistle blowing career

Whistleblowing in Nigeria

It would seem as if whistles are meant only for street vigilante, and late night watchmen. But these days, I would advise EVERYONE to pursue a career in whistle blowing in Nigeria! Staying alert and conscious of society’s decay may not be quite as hard it seems.

Maybe we really need whistleblowers after all. Previously, no one would report stolen vehicles even if they were parked right under a TV screen at “News Hour”. It could be that at this time of our national lives, what we need are “professional amebos” since no one wants to take responsibility for calling out corruption.

This whistle blowing is not the type you try on a football pitch, in broad daylight. Corruption cannot be tackled upfront in a country like Nigeria. You have to find a hideout before blowing this whistle. In a country where people disappear for doing nothing, why would whistle blowing in Nigeria be attractive?

Even if a job advert were placed with salaries and allowances, who would place their lives on the line all in the name of blowing a whistle?

There are a lot of funny social media posts about the trending whistle blowing issues. Some say it is the best espionage since Judas betrayed Jesus. Some claim that for a higher cut, they would blow every whistle that needs to be blown.

One thing that’s clear about whistle blowing is the fact that, Nigerians are in the dark about what this job entails. Who appoints the whistleblower? How do they find them? Who protects a whistleblower from the powers that be? Do they get compensated? If so, how?

Even if the pay is good, there are some jobs that no sane Nigerian would take up. We have turned the essence of this trend to a joke, but it should be much more for us. This should be the beginning of an era where there is no hiding place. It should be a time for accounts and transparency. It should be a time when the law is willing to serve and protect the people. But as usual, this is probably just another elaborate sham.

So a whistle blower says money has been found. The whistleblower remains unknown, the money is carted away, the details remain blurry. The essence of information or intelligence gathering is murdered even before we get the chance to build a system for ourselves. But the whistleblower has their 5%. Aluta continua.

Who knows, there may actually be some good Nigerians who truly blow whistles!

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