HELP! My girlfriend’s brother caught me red-handed in bed with another woman

Ahh !! E dakun oo !
Epp this young fellow! Lmao.. He is in for something alright.
Even though he already has a girlfriend, this young man decided to gallivant with another woman on the side. A woman he was having sex with when his original girlfriend’s brother caught his ass naked!
He desperately needs your advice! Help a cheating brother out will ya! *wink
The man told the story himself in a letter he sent to Deidre, a relationship expert at The Sun UK, seeking for some advice from his misery.
Below is how he told his story:
“Dear Deidre: My partner’s older brother walked in on me and the girl I have been having a fling with.
“We were unclad and now he is threatening to tell his sister — I think I’m about to lose everything.
“I have been with my partner for almost a year. I am 31, she is 26.
“She recently moved in with me and we have a pretty good relationship.
“I get on well with her family — except her brother, who makes it very clear he doesn’t think I am good enough for his kid sister. He is 29.
“My partner assumes I am working during the day five days a week.
“But in fact I have one afternoon a week off and lately I have been spending it with another woman.
“I met her at our local pub and it was obvious she really took to me.
“Lovemaking with my partner was not happening much because she hadn’t been well and I missed it a lot. Too much, you might say.
“I agreed when the girl in the pub suggested we went back to my place.
“The lovemaking was great and I was a lot less frustrated.
“We have continued seeing each other once a week, always at mine because she is 19 and lives with her mum, who is usually home.
“What I had forgotten is that my partner’s brother had a key because he knows about plumbing and had offered to fix the kitchen taps for us.
“This girl and I were downstairs on the sofa.
“Another few minutes and we would have moved upstairs.
“We were so absorbed in what we were doing that neither of us heard his key in the lock.
“The next thing I know, my partner’s brother is standing in the doorway looking furious.
“The girl shrieked, grabbed her clothes and ran.
“He looked like thunder. He told me that I had not heard the last of it and left.
“He has now texted, demanding that I pay him £500 to keep his mouth shut.
“I don’t have that kind of cash. I am at my wits’ end.”
Deidre sent a response to the man after his letter was read.
Below is the response:
Even if you had the cash, he would always be able to hold this over you.
“The other side of this coin is that your partner would be horrified too at her brother using this to blackmail you instead of telling her what he saw.
“Call his bluff. Say that demanding this cash from you isn’t very brotherly and you are sure his sister and his parents would be shocked.
“Suggest that you both agree to leave it be.
“But put fresh energy into sorting out your relationship.
“Is your girlfriend well again now? Do you keep telling her how much you love and desire her?
“If her brother does decide to spill the beans, the stronger your relationship, the better chance it will survive.”

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