London stays standing as she says NO to terror!

Westminster Station - Big Ben

I have so many problems with the clusterfuck that was the terror attack on London during the week. First let me say that I am completely saddened by the loss of five lives for a pointless cause; London will not bend, she will not break, and she will not be brought to her knees. So what has the killer achieved other than unite us even more? My heart goes out to the deceased, and my heart swells with pride and gratitude as I thank the First Response individuals on the scene.

But the main reason for not touching this story for days is because I saw things spiral out of control and then my words could not catch up.

Firstly, there was the news that the UK planned to follow the US in stopping devices larger than mobile phones from coming on board planes from eight different countries. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia were among the nations to face this ban. Apparently, travellers from these countries would have to check their tablets or laptops in with their luggage. Clearly this law was not enforced by anyone who’s ever seen how airport staff hurl luggage. I once came away with no handle and only three wheels!

Also, what would this curb in the larger scheme of things? I’m sure there has been copious research and investigation that has made this seem like a sound plan, but I have doubts. Given the fact that most of the terrorism acts carried out in the UK have been from home-grown terrorists, this seems like targeted racism. Secondly, if laptops were so dangerous, why were we being made to drink baby formula and throw away our 150ml bottles of eye make-up remover instead? Why weren’t electronic devices banned from get-go? And from all over, not just these countries? Are they not aware that terrorists travel? Sometimes covering large distances by road?

Before I’d had a chance to put these thoughts to blog, the attack happened. With no laptops or cosmetics; just terrorism the good old-fashioned way. And lives were needlessly lost because Khalid Masood thought he could bring a city as unflinching as London to a standstill. He thought wrong.

This is London

And while we were here ruminating on what a gargantuan cock Masood was, here comes the Hate Brigade: Khalid Masood’s real name is Adrian Russell Ajao. the press, so quick to point out that he is “not one of us” and has an exotic, Nigerian father.

Except, of course, he’s theirs. All theirs. His mother married a Nigerian shortly after his birth. He is no more Nigerian by virtue of a stepfather than Jamie Oliver is by virtue of his disastrous jollof.

Ugh. It’s not bad enough that this man was truly deluded, we have to attempt to divide communities who live peacefully together along racial lines. If we say we are truly unbowed by the acts of this coward, then defiance is continuing as usual.

London will survive this. Heck, we already have. The capital continues and the brave residents of that fine city continue as Khalid Masood did not happen. Because that’s what the truly brave do.


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