Maybe erections cause happiness: Rochas Okorocha appoints sister as Commissioner for Happiness

Rochas Okorocha Thinking

First of all, Rochas Okorocha doesn’t care about what any of y’all have to say. Secondly, his village people are the hardest working people IN THE WORLD. Finally, how useless must your sister be that there is no other functioning ministry that you could place her? Oil and gas? Ministry of Packing Pensioners’ Money? No? We gotta create a ministry that cannot be measured for performance in order for you to take your share of the 27 national cakes? What is this life if not a pot of burnt beans?

The Imo State Governor on Monday appointed 28 new commissioners in the state, Punch reports.

Among the 28 was his biological sister, Ogechi Ololo (nee Okorocha), who was sworn in as the Commissioner for Happiness and Couple’s Fulfilment.

Ololo had, according to Punch, previously served as Okorocha’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Adviser on Domestic Matters.

Rochas Okorocha Happiness MinisterCommissioner for Happiness and Couple’s Fulfilment? Special Adviser on Domestic Matters? What is all this? Who did Imo State this thing? Are you people seeing what they are doing with your money? Erections and happiness? When last did you people have an erection? When last were you happy??? You people should do fasting and prayer, maybe start tithing, because your problems are legion.

May God answer your prayers and give you the leadership you desire.

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