mazi abe’s side: Baba Yewande says he knew Buhari was lying about Jonathan



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Since March 28th, after the handover of Jonathan’s Government to Buhari, it seems the lot of the average Nigerian has worsened.

Soaring food costs, perennial fuel shortages, increased security infiltrations by Boko Haram and brazen armed robbery occurrences etc have made the new Buhari Government look clueless and bumbling around in the dark.

The groundswell of electoral goodwill and popularity, that catapulted Buhari to an almost impossible regular Aso Rock tûwo shinkafa dinner for the next four years, have begun to chip off at the sides.

Even the most ardent Buhari supporter is hesitating between scratching his head and pulling his super glue hands out of his fast emptying pockets.

“What went wrong so quickly?” he shrugs, askance at the non-forgiving mien of Mama Yewande, the poor woman, who had endured a six-month enthusiastic thumping of the family dining table by the hungry looking CHANGE Brigade Baba Wande had brought home every night through to the early hours of the morning.


But Baba Yewande had a secret gnawing at his heart.

He knew Buhari had lied. But he could not tell Mama Wande.

Buhari had to lie in other to grab power from the evil people.

He knew Buhari had to lie to the people, about the enormity of the damage Jonathan was continuing to inflict on the Nation.

Baba Wande knew that the only way Buhari could win power, was to lie.

He knew Buhari knew, that when Jonathan first came to power, his attitude was “It is our turn, we will take as much as possible.”

Baba Wande also knew, that after a few years, Buhari knew, that Jonathan’s attitude was, “Boko Haram is their problem, we will help them to kill themselves.”

Then finally, Baba Yewande knew, that Buhari knew, that instead of Jonathan giving up power in a gentlemanly way, he would rather ruin Nigeria and leave Buhari to gather the ashes and let him take the blame.

So, as soon as Jonathan saw the writing on the wall, from November 2014, he and his cohorts, including Ngozi Iweala, Emefuile, Deziani and Dasuki, proceeded to plan B.

They stripped Nigeria bare. They cleaned out the kolo.

The Jonathan Mafia decided that, if they cannot have Nigeria, nobody will have the country.

They took all the money. Jonathan shared out all the guns.

They empowered the secessionists.

They promoted all their people into important positions.

All the Goats Retired to Cancer and Amputation centres.

Then Jonathan emerged with a smile and a handshake with Buhari at the Independence square in Abuja.

He became a HERO.

A potential Peace Nobel laureate.

But in his heart and baby smile, lay the destruction of Nigeria.

Baba Yewande knew all this, but he could not tell Mama Wande.

At stake was his dinner. His regular leg over.

The wrath of Mama Yewande was too much to forbear.

He therefore lay his last joker on the dinner table, hoping Buhari will come up Heads.


MAZI abe idris ©2015 rights reserved


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