Nigeria and President Buhari: of hale, hearts and rats

Without mincing words, a hale President Buhari can perform his duties from any location (constitutionally most suitable within Nigeria), especially if he could master the art of macromanagement; in fact, he could decide to be functionally presidential even from a hermitage in Daura if he chooses so, as long as his “work” is done. This is arguably agreeable.

But, a stark truth here is that the man, though hearty, does appears less hale than hearty. Unarguably agreeable. Capisce? Okay.

So, Garba Shehu made a rather rat-ful remark about the President’s office, and till now, I’ve not bothered to check out the remark in full, because I don’t need to at all. Garba’s PR antecedents from the Villa have been somewhat rat-like enough not to bother about the fact of this latest one. So, I haven’t checked. Kò need.

More than this above, I didn’t bother to drop any comment about it. If you aren’t tired of the daily dose of drama from misfits, me, “ayam”. So, again, I nor bother.

But, when I see stuff like this below, my mind is taken through the seven stages of bother, viz, shock, sadness, sullenness, short strain, sudden somnolence, sustained strain, and back to shock. In short, my mind slips into a skip.

I respect people’s opinions a lot, eziokwu, I try my best. But, while at it, I can never understand this strain of patriotism or whatever it could be called. Why assume or resort to a sort of posturing all in the drive to make something blatantly unsound, sound sound?

Even if some undemocRATic rats indeed ‘chop shomtin’ for villa, that Garba Shehu thought it tweet-worthy or fit for public consumption, shows how his PR purview is many classes short.

Then, again, if rats indeed ran amok inside Baba’s office, how does saying it happened before or also at the Oval, validate the occurrence here, as attempted by my dear friends captured in the screen-munch below?

Buhari says F is for “Fresident”, and you say, oh Trump too has said C is for “Covfefe”, while even Obama says O is for “Obamacare”.
What kind of need does this serve truly? Go this far to try to validate our own by wilful parallelism? Rodentocratic advocacy? Really?

This drives me into a pessimism, a very little hope about converging cerebral efforts to salvage our nation from systematic and systemic ills. Ills that obviously require a lot of thought to overcome.

On another hand, some may call this below, objectivity. But, I beg to differ.

We should not waste thought and energy on an inanity like this rodent one. I ask again, what need does this below serve?

One of the greatest reasoners I’ve read, Neil deGrasse Tyson, once said something, and I’ll love to state it right here. He said, “It’s okay not to know all the answers. It’s better to admit our ignorance than to believe answers that might be wrong. Pretending to know everything, closes the door to finding out what’s really there.”

I love you dear Doc Oteri, you honestly inspire. But gosh, these things….sigh.

Well, as dearest Funmi would always say, may Nigeria succeed.


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