Nigerian Express Pop-Up by Celebrated Chef Nky Iweka 08/08/15

©SHW Photogrpahy - Naija Pop-Up-feature

When you love to eat and you have friends who are good cooks, you can never go wrong.

This is what happened to me yesterday at the Nigerian Express Pop-Up, the first of its kind hosted by authored chef Nky Iweka at her gorgeous residence in North London yesterday.

©SHW Photography - Chef Iweka
©SHW Photography – Chef Iweka in her element

Y’all. I chop, I nearly craze. My tummy was so happy ehn??

On offer was a feast – both for the eyes and the stomach – hot wings, suya beef  and chicken, jollof rice (we are Nigerians, after all!), a selection of salads (the melon and feta cheese salad was da BOMB), and my personal favourite – AsunDodo.

©SHW Photography - AsunDodo!
©SHW Photography – AsunDodo!

This combination is new to me, but really, it shouldn’t be – they are both glorious things. The goat meat was tender, the dodo just the right side of ripe, and it was all encased in a light but spicy sauce. Yum doesn’t even begin to cover it!

©SHW Photography – Ms Iweka interviewed by the BBC

The excellent food was further rounded off with amazing company, it was an opportunity to network, joke, laugh and thank the gods of the British Weather as the sun shone down, and the barbecue kept right on smouldering as the moon came out. I’m gutted to hear that the late-nighters ate roasted yam with ugba. Chei!

©SHW Photogrpahy - Barbecue Maestro Akosa Asika
©SHW Photography – Barbecue Maestro Akosa Asika

Chef Nky has been spreading the gospel of cooking Nigerian cuisine with a flair for some time now. Not for her the mediocre behaviour of just plastering food on a plate and whacking. She believes that presentation and aesthetics should be superseded only by taste and flavours.

Iweka’s dream is to open a restaurant that truly speaks on the beauty of Nigerian food, but while in talks with investors, this fabulous chef plans to bring the Nigerian Express Pop-Up to those of us who hunger for good food in fine company.

The next pop-up already has the date of 12th Sept, and it looks like it will be HEAVING!

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