Nigerians and fake accents

fake accents

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala studied in two of the most prestigious Universities in the world; MIT and Harvard.
She had a magma cum laude from Harvard at the age of 22. That’s the second highest academic degree honours that can be achieved.
She got her PhD from MIT at the age of 27.
She has served as a minister in Nigeria, both with Obasanjo and Goodluck.
She has worked as a top official of the world bank.
She has traveled the world, interacted with people, and spent a chunk of her time in the US.

Chimamanda Adichie. Is a renowned author who moved to the US as a teenager, just like Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala. She studied there, and spent a lot of her early adult life there. She is well known all over the world, and has achieved greatness.
She graduated with a distinction; summa cum laud (Highest degree honour), both from John Hopkins University and Yale University. Both Ivy League/top Colleges.

These two women have achieved great heights, traveled the world, got the highest levels of education from the world’s top Universities, and spent a chunk of the lives in the US.

By now, you will be wondering what my point is.

Be patient, wait for it.

I just want to tell you people that these two women still speak with their TYPICAL NIGERIAN ACCENTS.

As someone who has spent the last decade in the UK and Canada, I can list you 50 names with ease, of Nigerians who have traveled abroad, spent years and decades there, achieved great heights, but still speak like Nigerians. But I’ll stop at these two, which you can verify my claims about them because they are both famous.

The irony is that most of these elite Nigerians abroad do NOT form fake accents. It’s those who either don’t have international passports, those who have never flown a plane, those who have only traveled to Ghana or South Africa, or those who travel to Malaysia for 6-months and return with a headache-inducing mixture of fake American and British accents that won’t let us hear word.

This message is dedicated to all the young Nigerians, especially ladies who form fake accents, especially those who have never crossed MM airport. This is also dedicated to all those parents who pay for their children to learn fake foreign accents. The lord is your muscles. Keep it up!

These women clearly didn’t achieve what they achieved by faking accents, even though they could have easily done that, considering they moved to the US as teenagers. They were diligent and self-assured.

Let me ask this; what is so wrong with speaking like a Nigerian? I want to know, maybe I’m missing something.

You know, I keep saying it, you CANNOT buy confidence and self-esteem. Paying a teacher to teach your kids FAKE accents won’t buy them confidence and self-esteem. Plus, people like us can differentiate between fake and real accents, even from our sleeps.
And I can’t help it, if you come at me with your fake accents, I will laugh at you. I wish I could be nicer, but like I said, I just can’t help it.

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