For now, what Nigeria needs is mental not physical restructuring


When I insist that what we need as a nation is not all most people dey clamour for at that the moment – restructuring, secession, federalism, and the likes, I know wetin I dey talk oh. We are not ripe as a people for solutions which require collective depth in thought, no matter how shallow in measurement. Nigeria needs her people as a majority to be able to make informed decisions from a first-base of knowledge.

For example now, within one senatorial district of one state, Kogi West, Kogi, the same set of people who queued to sign a referendum to recall Dino Melaye yesterday, are today out in droves on the streets to hail him as the light of Okun kingdom.

No, chill, don’t blame them yet. They are also victims of a system wired to subsistence ; a system that thrives on folly. They couldn’t make informed decisions if they tried. And that’s the story of over 80% Nigerians. Feed them; lead them.

So, if we restructure for example or entrench federalism, no be the same people go remain in each region, displaying unfazed pinheadedness? Look at the sufficiently stupid utterances of a Nnamdi Kanu for example, is that what Biafra will be built upon?

Yesterday, I saw a list containing over 200 Special Advisers and Personal Assistants appointed by the Student Union President of a university in the north, in the proposed Arewa Republic. Read that again and weep. Student union president fa! Do you now connect the dots?

I insist: what we need is a mental crusade, a knowledge revolution, and a re-education of the mind of this polity in majority; especially the upcoming generation, from “embryo to age 14”, as I stated in one of my recent articles.

I know some Nigerians are brilliant enough to lead, but yeah, that’s it, just ‘some’. In fact, ‘few’. And the truth is, these brilliant few cannot successfully lead, coordinate, or seek nationalistic reason within a mumu majority. In most cases sef, these few brilliant minds end up being won over to the mumu-ism or overwhelmed by this system that thrives on folly when they eventually get that chance to lead. Donald Duke, Barth Nnaji, Tolu Ogunlesi, Okonjo-Iweala. Selah.

Olójú kan n’ilu awon afójú [a one-eyed man in a city of blind men], Olówó kan laarin otòsì méèwá [one rich hustler amidst 10 poor rustlers], ko le werk. It can’t work. It just can’t work that way, even if we break into smithereens!

…second Selah.

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