Olamide finally responds to criticism on ‘Science Student’

Olamide Science Student

Osha pra pra for life! You people will just be doubting my Bariga Boo anyhow! OF COURSE Olamide, aka “Raysheh’s darling husband” is against any and all forms of shepe, monkey tail, skushy, ponkriyon, dongoyaro and other forms of mixology. He is a Jesus someborri which everyone knows and we will not take this character slurring.

After a video of Pedro Obaseki emerged begging the NBC to ban the song #ScienceStudent, claiming it would be the final nail in Nigeria’s coffin, all of social media sat up to take notice, and we, the Baddosneh goons came out to play.


Some people (fine, me!) thought he should focus his outrage towards the people who actually should be leaders and role models as opposed to rappers who feel the pulse of the nation’s youth and sing about that. Others (fine, silly people!) thought he had a point.

Well, Baddosneh has finally spoken on the issue and this is what he had to say:

Olamide Science Student - IG Post

You see? He wasn’t even eulogising drug use; he was vehemently campaigning against it! But all these Professor Peller politicians who want us to concentrate on ANYTHING but their gross ineptitude jumped on a couple of words in a song and went to do video recording.

Yes, many of us are still sheep on account of chop-I-chop and the resignation that life in Nigeria will never get better, but do know that your bold lies and tricks will not work as easily anymore. Come correct, elders.

As for the song? Baba gbedu. We were not relying on the NBC to cater to our musical palate anyway. The next #OLIC is bound to be gangster!

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