Olamide music video disrupts G.O’s protest rally!

Olamide - Wo! Music video 2

(At the protest ground)

Leader (asking his deputy):But where are these youths na? No be 8am we suppose assemble and start the march by 9am?

Deputy: Fada, the thing tire me o.

Leader: Try make you call some of them wey you get their number make we know wetin dey happun to them. Maybe these wicked people don go double-cross them.

(Deputy places a call on speaker phone)

– Hello, wetin dey happun where una dey? Me and fada dey here dey wait una.

– Noise too much for here. I no hear you well.

– I say where una dey? We dey wait you for the protest na. Where you dey wey noise plenty like dis?

– Ha! I no sure say we go fit come again o. We dey Baddosneh music video shoot. Im just release one crazy song like dat and na today im dey shoot the street video. Oga, I go talk to you later.

(Call ends)

Olamide - Wo! Music video

Leader: Who is Baddosneh? Se wetin I hear now na true live call abi na dream?

Deputy: Fada….this thing shock me too o.

Leader: Na me these youths dey take do mumu like this?

Deputy: Honestly Fada, me bin dey think say na the wrong protest we dey even organise sef.

Leader: How?

Deputy: I think we suppose first organise like one year intensive youths re-orientation programme across all the states of the Federation. Maybe after that their brains go open. But for now, na wrong priorities dem get.

Leader: How u go fit make dem attend? Dem no go coomu!

Deputy: Fada, na strategy we go use. We go advertise the programme as comedy and music festival, as dat na the only thing wey dem understand. We go use that one pull them come.

Leader: By the way who go sponsor am? Where una go get money?

Deputy: Na another strategy Fada. We go open several charities and then approach all these ‘Living things’ to come and donate. Donating to charity makes them feel less guilty of their ways, because they think they are atleast spending towards a good cause.

Leader: Which ones be living things again? No be all of us be living things?

Deputy: Fada, no o! Human beings dey, Living things dey.

Leader: Wetin be d difference abi you think say I no go school?

Deputy: The differences many o Fada. For example, I can say me and you be human beings because we dey sleep for night. Living things no dey sleep.

Leader (confused): Anyway, anything wey una like make una do. Me, I don tire for una matter. I dey go.

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