Pastor Adeboye: non-tithers go to hell but isn’t Nigeria already hell?


Pastor Adeboye’s videos went viral recently where he claimed non-tithers would not make heaven. I know I am a Christian and it would be wrong for me to attack my faith because I feel ticked off. However, these threats are getting too much for comfort.

One of the reasons I get tired of Christian gatherings is because every time we gather, we are either competing to be “the voice of God,” or we are building a tabernacle around a human being like us.

So Pastor Adeboye has declared that anyone not paying tithe is going to hell. But could it possibly be any worse than the hell we currently reside in?

1. My sisters are in school in a country where nobody cares if they have the money for Medical School.

2. There is so much injustice and death in the country. Jesus put himself on the line for His people daily; oftentimes in the face of previously unquestioned Jewish leaders. If Adeboye and none of his tithe-heaven preachers have ever done this for the common Nigerian man, then we are used to this flagrant abuse of our rights anyway.

3. I have often endured sleepless nights for weeks on end, working endlessly to get jobs and then working to deliver them. It is hellish that all one pastor is concerned about is whether I am paying tithes or not.

There is so much suffering in Africa that pastors could tackle with their platforms. Since the inception of Buhari’s government, what has the Church contributed to alleviating poverty and pushing collective efforts to create opportunities?

Yes, we can blame the government for our underdevelopment but who is the government? Is it not made up of the people who occupy the front rows at churches and mosques?

These things are not going to solve anything. We gather in church because we believe God wants us to solve problems. At least that’s why I look for fellow Christians. I believe that there is power in numbers but let us make an audit.

Since you started going to church, how many real life problems have you solved. I mean asides from church forcing you to pump your time and money into evangelism and crusade where you dance and shout. How many schools have you rehabilitated with the gospel? How many orphanages has your pastor pushed you all to mentor? Come to think of it, how many orphanages have you yourself visited?

How many widows have you sheltered? Some of our church auditoriums are huge enough to house the 18 million housing deficit in Nigeria, but because there is no organised agenda, only one or two people do these things.

I don’t discount the fact that we were made to worship God. Yes, and God also speaks, but to leave the voice of God to individuals who are always so bitter to the point of condemning people to hell and cursing them because they don’t want to force themselves to put their money in the church’s purse? That’s one of the most ridiculous ways to worship God.

God’s voice is not inside any one human being. If God wanted us to come to this world and remain stuck in the haze of clouds, then he would never have given us human bodies that get tired, sick and hungry.

These natural reactions of our bodies to suffering, pain and fear of evil people like Boko Haram is God’s voice telling us where He wants us to be.

Think about it for a minute: Why would God create you, only for Him to send you here and start demanding that you pay your way back into heaven? He never even said those who didn’t pay in the Old Testament would go to hell.

That’s not the crux of my post, anyway. We must start to ask ourselves serious questions about the usefulness of our gathering to the reality around us. We have a suffering neighbourhood, an ailing country. There is yet no agenda by the collective body of churches to create roadmaps to repairing our country.

If 50% of the country can gather more than three times weekly and we are not demanding for roadmaps, policies and initiatives, why should we demand the same from the government – less than 10% of the country?

Pay your tithes if you feel convinced to do so, but don’t live under fear and condemnation when there are so many real life problems God obviously wants you to be solving out there. You should feel guilty every time you pass by a homeless child, every time you refuse to help the sick, every time you see a family die from road accidents, every time schools shut down, every time people lose their homes to floods. You should feel guilt every time you give a bribe and not mere outrage when Nigeria is ranked the most corrupt nation in the world.

There is so much we would go to hell for already. So tithing should be the least of your worries when it comes to being a hell fire candidate from Nigeria.

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