Is Reuben Abati friending Cossy Orjiakor’s breast or he wants Aliko Dangote’s hand in marriage?

Mr Reuben Abati

Or did he toast TBoss at some point and she declined his offer? These are questions that would run through a reader’s mind while reading through Reuben Abati and his take on Big Brother Nigeria. Our man was all over the place but his driving point was clear: breasts. Breateses. Mammaries.

On one hand egbon was being a preacher of the gospel, seeking the moral redemption of the Nigerian psyche and economy. On the other hand he was having a grudge with TBoss breasts that refused to meet the standard Orjiakor bress.

Egbon, biko what is ya own? Is it ya bress? Everybody already agrees that Tboss was a major nuthead in the #BBNaija house but this emphasis on size and description of a woman’s breast is just low sir.

It is even more disturbing that you take jabs at Tiwa Savage for her weight, then you ask Tuface to tell his wife to twerk for us. Eskiss me sir, you want to use style to not have sense.

While you are busy body shaming all these people,  it is interesting to note that most of your targets are women. Mr. Abati, must hate women so much while he still likes their face and breast. Or at least breasts like Cossy’s own suits his fancy.

He had some good lessons to deliver, so much sense in his essay. Nigeria could borrow some economic and political tact from his recommendations but obsession with groping, bress and twerking will not allow egbon to be great.

To now cap it all off, he concludes the hogwash with salutations to Aliko Dangote for his humility. On his birthday. Lol. Are you trying to curry favour, sir? Why would Abati think anyone would want their name in the same breath as this misogynistic rant?

I think if I were Dangote, I would take it you just wanted to slight me. I would take it that you consider TBoss and I to be running mates. Or why else will you in one breath talk about TBoss’ pride and Dangote’s humility? Are you scared that paper will finish? I am sure your blog has enough space for another article but you just had to show us that you are Dangote’s boy and that gives you enough credibility to insult everyone and anyone who had anything to do with BBNaija.

Anyway, me I no dey watch am. Wetin I know? Wedone sir! As you were, sir!

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