Steve Bannon out as Republicans struggle to work with Trump

Donald Trump wrecking ball

That moment when your crazy is just too crazy. Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon out following a review of his position by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. This is Bannon that we were all scared of. Right at the beginning, Trump surrounded himself with some of the most dangerous and calculating Republicans and we were, rightly, scared. And yet, here we are, a few months into the presidency and even they are finding it difficult to work under their chosen leader.

One after the other, top notch politicians have left or have been relieved of their positions. There are Republicans who have no idea what is happening one day or the next, and the Russian rumours simply will not go away.

A Black man assumed the most powerful seat in the world and while many were aggrieved, many more stayed. People worked with Obama, and damnit, he got reelected a second time. There were even enemies who finally came round to respecting him, if not fully admitting to liking him. Today, under Trump, the daily news needs to be switched to the Reality TV channels because new day, new drama.

Republicans and Obama

Let’s see what tomorrow brings, shall we? As my Facebook friend Wakim Andre, says:

“Steve Bannon is out. In 7 days Trump has lost:
1. Most sane people.
2. Most of the CEOs on his various councils. 
3. James Murdoch of Fox News who pledged $1M to the anti defamation league in protest of Trump.
4. Susan Bro, the mother of the woman who died in Charlottesville who refuses to talk to him.
5. Steve Bannon.
6. Most likely Breitbart – Who is about to get in Trump’s rectum bigly.
7. Republican Senator Bob Corker who questioned his “stability and competence”.”

So long, Bannon. See you around the way.

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