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Cholesterol content? Please, eggs are NOT the bad guys!

I grew up learning to perceive eggs with a sense of dread, like many people of my generation. The gist around the neighbourhood was that...

Yoshinori Ohsumi as Medicine Nobel Prize Winner. Toh. Thought it was...

I'm not going to lie: I was getting properly excited. This is because when I first saw the name, I saw a Mr Ohsumi....

Abacha causing abasha and cholera in Isolo, Lagos

Perhaps nobody did this to us after all. Perhaps we are simply our own worst enemies. I pray speedy recovery to those who are still ill; peaceful rest to those who have passed; sense to those who are still lacking it.

Yesss! Yesss!! Yesssss!!! Wait, What? Female Viagra Gets FDA Approval, But…

Bom chika-wow-wow! Bedrooms around the US are about to start heating up as the FDA approves the Female Viagra pill. Or are they? The drug...

Meet Elizabeth Holmes: Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire

While trying to breathe and not be at all jealous with my Methuselah self, I would like to introduce you to Elizabeth Holmes, the...