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NAIJA NOW: Why serious investors aren’t interested in us

It's a fact, social media is crazy media, most times. That's why when you see something that keeps sense in resonance, something so turnt,...

SALIENT: 21 Books Every Teenager Should Read

This is according to The Guardian gospel and a host of notable writers, academics, and experienced literary minds. These books are deemed best fit...

Yola yesterday, Kano today – Until Northern Nigeria gets Kaput?

When news filtered in that two fatal blasts occurred again today in Kano, this article written by Sayo Aluko almost 3 months ago, sadly still came...

Lagos and Life Expectancy | Sayo Aluko

“…A crazier fact is that, after enduring this excrutiation of traffic on major roads, most Lagosians in places like Ikorodu and Alimosho for example,...