Tales from my plot: The battle for Pastor’s wife

Pastor's wife

Mafisi Sacco members are a special lot.

Now, since Pastor’s wife is ‘single’, Aleki suddenly got saved, and, to better understand the role of Jesus Christ in his life, he insisted on being made an usher or a junior pastor in her church. After he got saved, he went to a bar to celebrate. Now he is hovering around Pastor’s door with that small, blue Gedion’s New Testament bible in his hand.

Kassim, on the other hand, is contemplating converting to Christianity, but, of course, Aleki is discouraging him because he doesn’t want competition.

“You have Khadija,” Aleki told him.

“Khadija is married.”

“Since when did you care whether a woman is married or not?”

“I want to settle down now.”

“With Pastor’s wife?”

“She is single now.”

“I refuse!”

“Is she your woman?”

“Is she YOURS?”

“You can’t even keep a woman. Nduku left you.”

“I’m the one who asked her to leave.”

“You can’t keep a woman.”

“I can keep Pastor’s wife.”

“Have you seen her? Can you even maintain her hair?”

“Can YOU?”

“Yes. My butchery is doing well.”

“Doing well? You only open it when you buy a goat, which is like once in two weeks.”

“But who buys you beer?”

“I buy my own beer.”

“Since when?”

“From now on.”

“Prove it.”

“Give me 200 bob, you’ll see.”

“I don’t have money.”

“Leave Pastor’s wife for me and go to Khadija. She loves you.”

“She is 8 months pregnant.”


“I don’t know. It could be mine or her husband’s or another man’s. She is a whore.”

“Pastor’s wife is not a whore. ”

“That’s why I want her.”

“You’re not in her league.”

“Are YOU?”

“I am a born again Christian now. That is one step closer to being in her league.”

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