When your #TBT song is modern AF! Beggin & Pleadin by Brandy

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Okay, so #TBT should mean old school, right? I mean…if you’re a millenial, it may mean something from Justin Bieber’s first album. Whatever the case may be, it shouldn’t be something that was released in April of this year. But look, Brandy be giving me that old school feel good with her latest single, Beggin & Pleadin.

No joke, this song is pure RETRO! This song is old school funk, jazz, soul and blues. You’ll hear a little bit of Etta James and a whole lot of Ray Charles.

brandy beggin & pleadin youtube video

If you don’t have a porch, you’ll want to find one just so you can listen to this. You will probably be sippin’ on a little Jack Daniels and be thinking of all the folk who don’ did you wrong.

And when you hear:

Damn boy, why you make it so hard?
Stop putting your foot on my heart
I know I did my wrong, I know I did my dirt
Didn’t know how bad I would hurt

Told you, walk out that door, and you can keep your last name
Now I’m down on my knees, it’s a shame

You’ll know you’re in for a good time.

Gitchu some of this Brandy Beggin & Pleadin right here.!We’re throwing it aaaaaall the way back to 2016 because yum!


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